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Proact Insurance Solutions

Supporting insurance firms with digital transformation.

We provide the platforms that underpin your data-first strategy, the technology to create integrated hybrid-working firms and the solutions to provide operational resilience.

Welcome to Proact Insurance Solutions

The insurance industry is transforming digitally, adopting a data-driven approach, integrating systems and increasing efficiency.

Recent technology developments have improved data quality, paving the way for better risk intelligence and analysis. Proact empowers insurers and brokers to achieve their digital transformation goals through technology.

Building a data-first future

The insurance industry is building a data-first future. Firms therefore need modern IT platforms to realise benefits, remain competitive and expand analytical power.

Digital transformation

We help insurers, carriers and brokers to stand out and drive the industry forward through technology.

Hybrid working

Whilst in-person trading remains a critical and important part of insurance operations, staff across front and back office services should be empowered to seamlessly carry out all of their tasks, regardless of location.

Improving the coverholder experience

Whilst most have been trading electronically with coverholders for years, expanding modern IT beyond frontline systems will ease the insurance transaction, speed up the flow of information and simplify customer service.

Operational resilience

Insurers must ensure operational resilience for critical workflows like trade processing and claims handling. In some countries, insurers are mandated to have adequate protections for cyberattacks and other operational risks by March 2025.

Securing insurance data

82% of top insurers are targeted by cybercriminals, with attacks increasing 300% in a year. Insurance companies need to protect their sensitive data to avoid reputational and financial damage, despite insuring clients against cyber risk.

Why Proact?

We are specialists in providing the modern platforms and solutions that underpin digital transformation.

As the insurance industry transforms and firms grow, they need scalable, flexible and cost-effective hybrid cloud platforms to enable their data-first future. Alongside this, we build workspace solutions that give staff true freedom to work anywhere — as well as the cybersecurity, backup and disaster recovery services that protect your firm’s critical operations.

With Proact, you have the best team behind you. We are a collection of cross-discipline technical experts that not only have a depth of experience working with insurers and brokers, but also with organisations across financial services and other data-sensitive industries. Our technical consultants support clients in creating industry-leading transformation agendas and implementing technologies that empower your people, protect your data and drive your firm forward.

Our approach brings a unique combination of sector-specific consultancy and insurance-grade services to help you get the most from your business, harness the true power of technology and lead the industry in digital transformation. Wherever you are on your journey, we can assist you in propelling your organisation forward through the #ThePowerOfData and #ThePowerOfTogether.

I find Proact to be a great partner because of the breadth of skills that they have. And even though they're not part of our team directly, they are striving for the same thing we are: To provide our firm with an efficient, performant infrastructure."

Our solutions

Over the years, we’ve developed tailored solutions and provided technical expertise to help the insurance sector make lasting transformation to the way they work.​


Hybrid cloud


Digital transformation

Backup and disaster recovery

Compliance and governance

Service Management

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