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Proact strives to give the shareholders, investors and financial analysts transparent, relevant and accurate information to increase knowledge of the Group’s operations and share


Linda Höljö

Linda Höljö

CFO & VP Investor relations

Welcome to our investor relations section


Here you will find Proacts latest press releases, financial reports and the financial calendar.

In the sub menus underneath the Investor Relations menu you will find sections on the Proact share, reports & presentations and a section around sustainability. For further information please contact me directly.

Latest press releases

Latest financial reports


10 February 2022

Year-end Report 2021

26 April 2022

Interim report Q1 2022

5 May 2022

Annual general meeting 2022

The annual general meeting will be held in Sweden on 5 May, 2022.

Proposal for matters and questions at the annual general meeting
Shareholders who would like to have a matter addressed at the annual general meeting 2022 may submit their proposal through email to the company’s board of director.


Proposal to the nomination committee
Shareholders who would like to send a proposal to the nomination committee for the annual general meeting 2022 may contact the nomination committee through its chairperson Malin Ruijsenaars,

Date for proposals
Proposals have to be received by the company and the nomination committee respectively, no later than Friday 18 March 2022, in order for the company to have sufficient time to include them in the notice and the agenda of the annual general meeting.

14 July 2022

Half-yearly report Q2 2022

25 October 2022

Interim report Q3 2022

9 February 2023

Year-end report 2022