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Share facts and figures

The Proact shares is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm Mid Cap with ticker symbol PACT

Facts about Proact shares

Since July 1999, Proact shares have been listed on NASDAQ Stockholm Mid Cap with ticker symbol PACT. Share capital amounts to SEK 10,618,837, divided into 28,001,658 shares (20 May 2021), each with a quotient value of 0.38. All shareholders own an equal share in the company’s assets and profits and are entitled to vote at the general meeting. At the general meeting, every individual entitled to a vote may vote with the full number of votes he or she owns and represents in shares, without limitation as to voting rights.

Shareholder value

Shareholder value arises when the company is positioned correctly and is profitable in the long term. Proact is proactive in creating long-term profitability for shareholders by constant focus on good business growth in order to both ensure improved profitability for the company and strengthen the company’s market-leading position as a specialist and independent integrator in Northern Europe.

Dividend policy

The dividend policy of the company will be adapted to the level of group profits, its financial position and the investment required. Proposed dividends must be weighed against shareholder demands for reasonable direct returns and the company’s need for self-financing. In the long term, Proact intends to issue dividends of 25-35 per cent of profits after tax.


Proact had 7,289 shareholders as of 31 March 2024 most of whom were private individuals with smaller holdings. The number of shareholders with holdings in excess of 60,000 shares was 42 with the largest owners being Aktiebolaget Grenspecialisten with a holding of 3,207,334 shares and Livförsäkrings AB Skandia with a holding of 2 170 542 shares.

To the best of the Board of Directors’ knowledge there are no agreements between shareholders requiring specific information in accordance with the Swedish Annual Accounts Act.

Shareholders March 2024NoShares%
Aktiebolag Grenspecialisten13 207 33411,5%
Livförsäkringsbolaget Skandia, ömsesidigt22 170 5427,8%
ALCUR SELECT32 022 7327,2%
ING LUXEMBOURG SA41 472 9425,3%
HSBC BANK PLC, W8IMY/QI8975 2413,5%
UNIONEN9859 0463,1%
Försäkringsaktiebolaget Avanza Pension10781 2582,8%
Others 12 656 29745,2%
Total 28 001 658100,0%

Five reasons to own shares in Proact

Proact has a competitive offering in respect of data centre solutions with associated consultancy and support services, as well as cloud services. Proact supplies flexible, secure IT services that help customers to reduce risks, lower costs and increase productivity.

Increased digitalisation is a clear global trend, so having an IT infrastructure that works well is of increasingly strategic importance and is a prerequisite for efficient running of core business. In addition, the increasing share of recurring revenues leads to further stability in Proact’s financial results, so the part of the IT market in which Proact operates is relatively insensitive to economic fluctuations.

The need for ongoing streamlining, as well as a growing demand for solutions and services in Proact’s specialist fields, is indicating major potential for growth for the company. Implementation of relevant activities relating to the sale, marketing and development of our offering and service deliverables is ensured regularly so as to create good organic growth in existing markets, as well as ensuring that we have relevant partners. There is also expansion into new markets, as well as specialist areas such as security and networks. Growth through acquisition is another important part of the strategy.

To improve the EBITA margin, the focus will remain on continuous streamlining of operations and continued good cost control. The target of increasing the percentage of contracted services from the company’s total revenues is also expected to have a positive effect on the EBITA margin. 

Proact’s business has a good cash-generating ability thanks to a strong financial position and efficient management of operating capital. The company’s dividend policy is to distribute 25–35 per cent of its profit after tax.

Our long-term goals of 10% revenue growth, of which about half organic and 8% EBITA margin remain, and we are well equipped with a strong market offer and implemented efficiency improvements."

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