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Proacts’ ambition is to safeguard successful, long-term, sustainable development for our customers and our company in balance between social, environmental and economic interests.

Positive contribution

By integrating the three perspectives of sustainability – social, environmental and economic – in how we work we believe that we can act as a key enabler for a more sustainable future for our customers, employees, suppliers, owners and communities. Stakeholder relations and materiality guide our sustainability work.

All activities must take place in a sustainable manner in the long term, in accordance with applicable legislation and accepted general principles for good business ethics.

Our aim is to ensure a positive total contribution to society.

Sustainability report
Code of Conduct
Modern Slavery Statement


We deliver our services in accordance with established standards and go beyond that. We ensure responsible sourcing of goods and services.

In order to manage the trust which our customers have placed in us, our services are supplied in accordance with established standards such as “ITIL Service Management”, which includes a number of processes for the supply of cost-effective IT services based on the customer’s business. Proact runs regular customer surveys with a view to gauging how well our customers feel we are delivering on our quality promises, as well as indicating their overall assessment of us as a business partner and how well we are creating a more innovative, more flexible world by focusing on sustainability and social engagement. Customers are accepted by Proact with regards to corporate social responsibility in our quarterly internal business reviews.

We spend significant sums on procuring goods every year. Most of our suppliers are based in Europe and North America, where compliance with basic human rights is rather good. All our suppliers undergo an approval process which involves evaluation of both product safety and corporate responsibility (human rights, anti-corruption, anti-bribes and environment). We have an implemented checklist and do quarterly follow-up with our largest suppliers to ensure their standards.


We use natural resources with care and are always aiming at improving our work procedures, both for nature and people.

Material, work procedures and energy

We aim always to use limited resources efficiently in order to prevent or reduce any harmful impact on the environment as a consequence of what we do. This involves promoting systems for recycling and reuse of materials and efforts to prevent pollution. Proact operates in compliance with applicable laws and regulations concerning disposal of electronic equipment.

The company’s objective is for all operations to have relevant certification so that they can be pursued in a safe, structured manner in accordance with the local requirements on the market in question.

In most cases, the companies in the countries in which Proact works extensively hold accreditation to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001, but the companies in the countries in which Proact works less extensively are also certified in accordance with of the most common ISO systems. ISO27001 (information security management systems) in particular is of the utmost importance for the service offering provided by Proact to its customers. The quality management systems are specific to each country and require annual updates and audits. Proact is constantly working to reduce the number of data centres within the group in accordance with a set plan. Reducing the number of data centres will also reduce our consumption of electricity, heating and cooling.


We strive to provide a workplace that is inclusive, healthy and develops employees while aiming to contribute to the communities around our operations.

Proact always strives to operate in compliance with legislation relating to health, safety and the environment and directives and standards in the industry. Proact operates in compliance with applicable laws and industry standards with regard to working hours and working conditions for our staff.

Proact ensures that people with the same qualifications are given the same employment terms and opportunities without diction or discrimination on the basis of age, ethnicity, religion, gender or disability. We promote diversity in the workplace, and initiatives for achieving this include striving to achieve good gender distribution between final candidates during recruitment procedures.

Our Code of Conduct and policies in our Company handbook sets out our standards for business ethics with regards to no anti-competitive behaviors, anti-bribes, anti-corruption and conflict of interests.

We tolerate no forms of contemporary slavery, human trafficking or breaches of human rights in either the business or the supply chain.

This is underpinned by the fact that business unit officers and country managers sign Proact’s Code of Conduct, which include the Group’s financial policy. These instructions are also communicated locally to all employees, and also during the introduction period when employees are appointed. Staff appraisals and other initiatives are used to confirm compliance with these instructions.

Our whistleblower policy provides all employees with information on how suspected deviations from the Code of Conduct are to be reported. All must report, without delay, any known breaches of the Code of Conduct or any concerns they may have with regard to breaches as specified in the policy. Proact will examine any such reports and fears in depth as a matter of urgency. Anyone reporting such fears in good faith will be protected by Proact from all forms of reprisal. The whistleblower policy is part of the Code of Conduct communicated to all staff.

We have the view that community engagement of all sorts is good for society. Every idea how Proact can improve engagement and initiatives how to support and bring value to the communities where Proact operates are welcome and supported.

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