Is data your attacker’s advantage or yours?

Proact discusses how SIEM systems can be used to gain access to & analyse key information to create predictive models for future cyber attack patterns.

Understand your data sources to improve your defensive posture

Organisations are typically finding themselves with a paradoxical issue: they are drowning in data but are starved of the insights required to reap the benefits of it. Simply collecting data is easy enough, but collecting the right data, understanding it and being able to act on it is when they can begin to derive value.

By adopting a SIEM as a Service approach, organisations can ensure logs are monitored round-the-clock, boosting their chances of detecting and preventing threats. Read this article to learn more about how you could improve your defensive posture through more thorough analysis of the data you gather from security sources.

What you’ll learn

  • Data skills issues – How you can run 24/7 data analysis in-house, affordably
  • Proactive action – Ensuring you can act immediately to threats, as & when they happen
  • Leveraging tools – Ways to get the most of of your threat detection systems

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