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Proact Managed Container Platform

Our Certified Kubernetes platform is ready for production and is developed and operated in Sweden. Let us become your Container Ops team and manage the entire infrastructure — both the hardware and the container platform.

So that you can focus fully on your applications.

Production-ready container platform

Fully managed

Our solution includes the management of both the hardware and container platforms, eliminating the need for in-house Kubernetes experts.

Developed and hosted in Sweden

The platform is developed by Conoa's specialists, who have thousands of hours of experience with container platforms.

Application onboarding

The service includes onboarding of your container-based applications.


ISO 27001 security controls ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

CNCF certified

To attain certification, the platform is tested for consistent experience, timely updates and customisation.

100 % open source

The platform is based on 100% open source tools.

Managed Container Platform

Agile development using container technology allows companies to innovate faster, respond directly to market changes and scale more easily to meet customer needs.

But developing container-based services can be complex and requires a high level of skill and experience to manage the underlying environment.

With the Proact Managed Container Platform, your organisation can access the benefits of a container platform as a service. It includes all underlying infrastructure and is fully automated as well as CNCF certified. So your development teams can build, test and deploy applications with speed, quality and control — without extensive investment in training of operations staff, hardware and software.

Who is it for?

Proact Managed Container Platform is perfect for organisations that:

  • Are looking for a Container as a Service platform that is developed and hosted in Sweden
  • Want to take advantage of the benefits of containers
  • Work according to a DevOps methodology and want to be a “cloud native company”
  • Want to start developing in a container environment as soon as possible
  • Lack the experience or resources to build, manage and monitor their own container environment
  • Want to be flexible in terms of where they deploy workloads

Ready to get started?

Why Conoa and Proact?

The platform was developed by experts from Proact’s subsidiary Conoa, who have spent hundreds of thousands of hours setting up, developing and operating container platforms.

Proact has extensive experience in support and “as a Service” offerings, and has been winning awards for best-in-class services since 1994.

In the Proact Managed Container Platform, we have gathered all our collective expertise so you can be sure you’ll have a managed container platform that meets your specific needs.

Leading network within Cloud Native, container and Kubernetes

We are deeply committed to the cloud native community and the Kubernetes ecosystem, and are proud to be a part of this fast-growing technology revolution.

This allows us to offer innovative solutions that modernise the technology stack and increase productivity for our customers.

Leverage the expertise of Europe's top market specialists

Regardless of where you are, partnering with us means access to top-rated skills from all over Europe within minutes.

So whether you’d like to talk to a specialist for security, public cloud, networking, database or another specific technology  — there is always an expert close by to help your business achieve its goals.

Achieve peace of mind with our support and Service Management

Our Service Management offering enables your organisation to adopt new technology without having to invest in new skills. Instead of managing infrastructure, your IT department can thus focus on adding value to your organisation in other ways. This offering includes:

FAQs about the Proact Managed Container Platform

One of the unique advantages of the Proact Managed Container Platform is that customers are assigned a personal specialist to help you get started. This includes support around:

  • Integration of CI/CD pipeline
  • Securing ingress
  • Ensuring internal cluster communication
  • Access control, roles and rights
  • Configuration of namespaces
  • Network policies
    … and much more!

To become certified, the platform is tested for its ability to provide customers with benefits related to the categories: consistent experience, timely updates and adaptability. As part of its Certified Kubernetes Conformance program, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) defines the technical requirements necessary to ensure these benefits can be achieved. Meeting the requirements confirms that customers using the Proact Managed Container Platform can be assured of a seamless user experience as they move between Kubernetes installations.

The environment is designed and kept up-to-date by Conoa’s experienced team of Kubernetes specialists.

No, you won’t. We offer a Certified Kubernetes deployment, which means it’s easy to get started with our platform, and just as easy to leave if we don’t live up to expectations.

The platform is based on 100% open-source tools.

Your company gets its own dedicated Kubernetes platform with dedicated logging, reporting, alerting and monitoring. Your development teams can develop applications without the need for a separate operations team to manage, patch, update and secure the underlying container stack and its layers of complexity.

Yes, it is. With the Proact Managed Container Platform, you have dedicated hardware, so you can fully utilise your resources. Without any “noisy neighbor” challenges, you can be sure that your environment and applications will run predictably and efficiently.

We become your operations team for the container platform, removing the need for you to hire or contract Kubernetes specialists.

No. However, we offer training for application developers who need to increase their understanding of microservices or deepen their knowledge of containers and Kubernetes.

We work with a fixed cost. This means easier planning and allocation of your IT budget and no invoice shock.

Our basic service includes:

  • A test cluster with three control planes and three worker nodes, 8vCPUs, 60 GB of RAM
  • A production cluster with three control planes and three worker nodes, 16vCPUs, 120 GB RAM. RAM


one of our specialists

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