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Legal IT solutions

Proact legal firms to overcome some of their biggest challenges through technology. We provide legal IT solutions that help to maximise billable time and reduce lockup, to protect your business from disruption and cybercrime and enable your staff to work securely from anywhere.

Welcome to Proact legal IT solutions

Maximise & protect billable time

Access all application & documents everywhere, integrate systems and ensure 24/7 availability across your secure workspace.

Reduce lock-up time

Ensure legal cases flow quickly through your systems with friction-free, integrated IT. Process cases faster with efficient systems & processes based on workspace.

Securing legal data

Protect against the threat of cybercriminals with air-gapped, immutable backups & 24/7 Security services from our SOC.

Data retention, governance & sovereignity

We provide the technology to manage data governance, enabling granular retention analysis & management with public, private & hybrid cloud capabilities.

Leading digital transformation

We help you transform digitally, to lead the market and give your firm competitive advantage.

Work from anywhere

Modern working is a necessity in today's world of work. All functions of a legal firm need freedom to work wherever required, and they also need the same work experience, wherever they are.

Why Proact?

Our services have been designed specifically for legal firms. We use our unique understanding of your industry and the challenges you face to deliver legal-grade technology that empowers your people, protects your data and drives your firm forward.

We place high importance on maximising everyone’s value. Whether it’s ensuring your staff aren’t wasting time wresting with day-to-day IT challenges, or that your IT team is spending time on innovative projects rather than day-to-day systems management, we can help get the best from your people through technology.

We bring a unique combination of sector-specific strategic advice and legal-grade products and services to help you get the most from your business, harness the true power of technology and lead the industry in digital transformation.

Wherever you are on your digitalisation journey, we can assist you in propelling your organisation forward through the #ThePowerOfData and #ThePowerOfTogether.

I find Proact to be a great partner because of the breadth of skills that they have. And even though they're not part of our team directly, they are striving for the same thing we are: To provide our firm with an efficient, performant infrastructure."

Our legal IT solutions

Legal workspace solutions

Maximise billable time and reduce lock-up by accessing all application from anywhere: home, office, court, client premises or any remote location.

Legal Hybrid Cloud

Provide easy access to all legal apps: software as a service (SaaS), legacy or otherwise with simple single sign-on (SSO) connectivity and a high availability platform.

Compliance & Governance

Manage complex retention policies and comply with regulatory requirements with our specialist legal data management services. 

Cybersecurity & Intelligence

Protect your firm from cyber-attacks, ransomware, data breaches and business disruption with industry-leading 24/7 security & vulnerability intelligence services.

Legal-grade Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect sensitive client records with highly secure, legal-grade backup solutions, and protect your billable time with high availability disaster recovery solutions. 

Service Management

Minimise downtime and the loss of billable time with proactive monitoring, systems optimisation and zero-downtime maintenance, all delivered from our 24/7 network operations centre.  

Digital transformation

Lean on our experience across the legal sector and the wider commercial market to ensure best-of-breed technology that keeps you ahead and competitive.

Legal IT solutions customer Bates Wells

Case Study

Bates Wells

Focusing internal resources on IT innovation and new initiatives by outsourcing day-to-day management.

Challenge: To keep up with internal demands on their IT, law firm Bates Wells needed an updated infrastructure, new firewalls, new servers and new storage. They also required a solution for secure remote working. Solution In addition to the infrastructure upgrade, Bates Wells added monitoring, BaaS and DRaaS to protect the needs of the firm […]

Get ready to transform

Are you ready to transform? Our assessment services are geared towards investigating your current infrastructure and systems. Our experts will then work with you and your team to find and implement the best solutions to suit your organisation’s needs.

Cloud Transformation Assessment

Digital transformation is driving the legal industry and deciding on the right strategy is a difficult and important exercise. It’s a balance between understanding the main challenges a firm is facing, its big picture goals, what is working for other legal firms and what technology is driving the industry forward today.

Workspace Transformation Assessment

Delivering a legal workspace solution that allows for agile and flexible working, a friction-free employee experience, and increased efficiency can have a measurable impact on employee satisfaction and commercial deliverables like billable hours and lockup time.


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