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Let's Talk Data UK

Let’s talk… Avoiding bill shock #publiccloud (on-demand)

On-demand (English)

Pricing calculators say one thing, invoices say another…

In this episode of Let’s Talk Data! UK, we’ll explore how to achieve the most cost-effective cloud solution for your organisation and some handy tips on avoiding public cloud bill-shock.

There are many cloud options in today’s multicloud world. Evaluating your workloads and business requirements is key to scoping the most cost-effective cloud for your organisation. Is there a way to maintain flexibility but to have more commercial control?

We’ll explore:

  • Bill-shock stories and how they were managed
  • The different types of cloud
  • The importance of workload assessment
  • Public cloud calculators (and when to rely on them)
  • How to proactively monitor workloads
  • Implementing a service improvement plan



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