Online event (English)

Tuesday, 16 November at 2pm

Microsoft 365 is now the de facto suite for access to Microsoft apps and for delivering modern workplace solutions. Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies have purchased Microsoft 365 in the past 12 months and, as of April 2020, the service has 258 million active users.

But does it deliver all the assurances required for the modern enterprise? Data produced in Microsoft 365 apps is one of your organisation’s most valuable assets. Is it adequately protected through native backup solutions? What systems are in place to prevent cyberattacks and data loss? And what support is available for ongoing user enablement and technical support?

Join us to learn about:
– The backup and security gaps in Microsoft 365
– The solutions available to overcome these challenges
– Introduction to Proact 365 – an enhanced enterprise wrap-around for Microsoft 365
– Self-service user enablement and training to reduce strain on IT support
– Advanced technical support options for Microsoft 365