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Are you passionate about the ever-evolving world of data, technology, and its impact on our digital landscape? Welcome to our Podcast where we dive deep into the realms of data-driven insights, technological advancements, and everything in between.

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Voice Assistants, Privacy Concerns and the cost of Free Software

31 October 2023 | 34 min

Welcome to another eye-opening episode where we explore the intricate world of digital privacy. Today, we delve into the realm of voice-activated assistants, Facebook and Google tracking, and the nuances of digital phone calls. The burning question on everyone’s mind: Is our online data being secretly weaponized against us, or is it merely the inevitable price we pay for using free software? We’ve all heard the rumors – when we’re chatting or moving about our homes, could Alexa, Google, Siri, or WhatsApp be eavesdropping? We aim to uncover the truth. Are we under constant surveillance, with our information used to target us with ads and products? Join us for this riveting discussion on technology, privacy, and the delicate balance between convenience and surveillance.

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Passwords to Passwordless - Evolution of Authentication

17 October 2023 | 34 min

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of passwords and explore the fascinating evolution of authentication. Join our expert, Christian, as he takes us on a journey through the history of passwords and their role in digital security. Discover the reasons behind the existence of passwords, the challenges of managing multiple accounts, and the birth of password managers. Explore the concept of multi-factor authentication, its importance in today’s digital landscape, and the promising shift towards a passwordless future. Plus, gain insights into the security implications of quantum computing and practical recommendations for enhancing your organization’s security posture. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion on the future of authentication in a rapidly evolving digital world.

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5 Key strategies to Mastering the 'Art of the Request'

03 October 2023 | 25 min

In this Let’s Talk Data podcast episode, we dive into the art of making effective requests in the IT world. Explore the five essential keys to mastering this skill. As our work environment increasingly relies on email and digital tools, efficient requesting is more crucial than ever. Our hosts discuss the challenges they face, like remote work’s impact on context and the shift towards team-based interactions. Gain valuable communication and collaboration strategies for IT professionals. Tune in to Let’s Talk Data and enhance your work environment with the art of the request.

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Unveiling bias: How data shapes our world

18 September 2023 | 26 min

In this episode of “Let’s Talk Data,” the hosts delve into the pervasive issue of data bias and its profound implications for our daily lives and artificial intelligence. They explore various facets of bias, including confirmation bias, historical bias, and selection bias. One example highlights how historical data can lead to gender-based biases in medical diagnosis, such as the symptoms of heart attacks. They discuss how predictive policing algorithms can amplify bias, leading to problematic outcomes. The hosts emphasize the importance of maintaining a broad and unbiased database and being critically aware of inherent biases. They also encourage seeking diverse perspectives to counteract personal biases.

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The Evolution of Social Engineering in Cybersecurity

06 September 2023 | 21 min

In this episode, we delve into the evolving landscape of social engineering in cybersecurity. Following the recent passing of Kevin Mitnick, a renowned figure in the world of hacking and cybersecurity, we explore how social engineering, a term popularized by Mitnick in 1995, has changed and continues to impact us today. Join us discuss how social engineering techniques have shifted from in-person interactions to sophisticated email phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and more. Discover the critical role human awareness plays in defending against these threats and how artificial intelligence may reshape the future of social engineering attacks.
Don’t miss this insightful discussion on the changing face of cybersecurity and the importance of staying vigilant in the digital age. 

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Should Google limit internet access

22 August 2023 | 26 min

In this episode, we delve into Google’s recent choice to restrict internet access for its employees and explore whether this move is beneficial. Our hosts, Tony Gent, Lisa-Marie Ihnen, and Christian Lehrer, dissect this decision and its implications for cybersecurity. They discuss the pros and cons of limiting internet access, especially for critical employees, and the potential benefits of removing administrative permissions on devices. The conversation touches on multi-factor authentication, the balance between security and usability, and the importance of well-designed processes. The trio addresses the challenges of maintaining security in a distributed work environment and underscores the need for tailored security measures based on users’ roles. 

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Get to know our Podcast hosts

Christian Lehrer, Lisa-Marie Ihnen, and Tony Gent, with their collective wealth of experience and a strong penchant for innovation, form the dream team behind our podcast – a creation by IT professionals, exclusively for IT professionals.

IT Podcast Let's talk data - Host Christian Lehrer

Christian Lehrer

"My profession revolves around serving as a Teamlead and IT Consultant with a specialization in IT-Security at sepago. I have dedicated several years of my career to security, automation, and client management, taking on various roles within these domains. I'm passionate about connecting people and ideas because, in my view, knowledge is akin to friendship: it multiplies when shared."

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IT Podcast Let's talk data - Host Lisa-Marie Ihnen

Lisa-Marie Ihnen

"I focus on the Portfolio and Business Development at Proact Germany. My journey into this role began after studying business informatics and working as a Software Consultant. I have a keen interest in staying abreast of the latest tech trends and enjoy gaining insights from experts in the field."

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IT Podcast Let's talk data - Host Tony Gent

Tony Gent

"I'm a seasoned specialist in storage, virtualization, backup, and disaster recovery with over 25 years of industry experience. Currently, I'm a Product Manager at Proact Group, where I focus on our Backup and Disaster Recovery managed services. My primary goal is to help our customers establish effective data backup strategies while safeguarding against ransomware and site failures."

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