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The Let’s talk data! podcast by Proact brings you cutting-edge insights on the hottest topics in enterprise IT

Our own IT podcast, Let’s talk data! keeps you engaged by being both fun to listen to and covering a range of topics relevant to the current IT landscape.

Whether you are at the beginning of your digital transformation journey, are well informed but need a bit of orientation or are a seasoned IT professional – we offer something for everyone.

We don’t just feature ourselves, we also have experts from:

  • NetApp
  • Equinix
  • Samurai Security and
  • Glasgow Caledonian University.

Let’s talk data! gives you your dose of IT updates and is certain to make you smile while doing so.

Minisode 1 | Ransomware

We’re excited to present you with the first Let’s Talk Data minisode! It’s just like the Let’s Talk Data you know and love, but in a condensed format. Tune in to hear Proact’s own Tony Gent – Product Manager, Availability & Protection – give us insights during seven minutes of rapid-fire questions and answers around the topic of ransomware.

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Episode 13 | Let’s talk gender diversity in IT

What are the possible causes of gender imbalance in the tech industry? What can be done about it? And how we can all contribute to creating a more inclusive environment for everyone working in IT? Tune into our latest episode where we discuss these topics and more with Agnes Billgren, treasurer at Pink Programming and Business developer at Extrapreneur and Lotta Arnshav, Vice President of Service Operations at Proact.

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Episode 12 | Is immutability the ultimate answer to protecting backups?

Ransomware is on the rise, and it often targets backup solutions as part of an attack. We’re hearing more and more about immutability — could it be the ultimate answer to protecting backups? Join us for a special edition of Let’s Talk Data where we discuss backup methods that help keep your organisation’s data safe in the event of an attack.

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Episode 11 | Let’s talk holiday quiz edition

What better way to celebrate all that we’ve learned during the past year’s episodes than with a quiz about this year’s most memorable quotes and facts? Join us for some holiday fun as our guests from previous episodes quiz our host, Nikolaus Mantzios, and returnee guests Per Sedihn and Christian Mohn!

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Episode 10 | Let’s talk containers and Kubernetes

Containers are everywhere. If they’re not in your IT environment today, they’re most likely in a test/dev environment or at least on the agenda. In this episode, we ask how to start with containers, what tools to use and whether open source really is truly “free”. To help us answer these questions and more, we spoke with Patrik Gunnersten, Business Area Manager at Conoa and Proact CTO Per Sedihn.

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Episode 9 | Let’s talk backup and ransomware

On this episode, we discuss the vital role of backup in the fight against ransomware. We talk about immutability, what isolation can do, and whether we’re doomed to using tape stored in Antarctica. Our guests are Tony Gent, Product Manager for Availability and Protection at Proact, and Rick Vanover, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Veeam.

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Episode 8 | Let’s Talk Next-Generation Networking

Tune into our latest podcast episode, where we discuss the newest developments in networking with Damian Murphy, Product Manager for Networking at Proact, and Jan Van de Laer, Director, Sales Engineers AIDE at Juniper Networks.

We chat about what software-defined networking is, why it’s especially relevant post-Covid, as well as where data fits into the equation.

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Episode 7 | Let’s Talk Multicloud

How is multicloud defined? How is this type of environment managed and what security factors need to be considered? What does the future hold for multicloud? We discuss these and many more topics related to multicloud with Per Sedihn and Jens De Koker in this episode.

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Episode 6 | Let’s Talk Automation and Cloud Foundation

Christian Mohn and Rudi Martinsen talk to us about automation and everything necessary to make it possible. We cover the integral role played by Cloud Foundation, the importance of standardisation and future developments. We also review several use cases and examine which costs exactly are involved in the successful implementation of automation.

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Episode 5 | Let’s talk people, patching and phishing

Get to know your devices, understand your vulnerabilities and build up a picture of your environment, says Jackie Riley, Head of Cyber Security at Glasgow Caledonian University. One of Jackie’s old students is now our Cyber Security Operations Lead, Euan Birch. We talk to both Euan and Jackie in our latest, security-focussed, podcast.

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Episode 4 | Let’s demystify AI

How do you define AI, machine learning and deep learning? In which area are the best AI use cases? And where is AI going in the next ten years? Our host, Nikolaus Mantzios, discusses these questions, and more, with Hoseb Dermanilian, Head of AI and Data Analytics at NetApp.

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Episode 3 | Let’s talk security

In episode 3, we look at the all-important topic of security. The discussion ranges from organised crime syndicates, the future of AI-based cyber attacks to organisations’ expanding boundaries, essential steps IT Managers need to take and the secret to what makes a Security Consultant smile. Special guests are Tim Simons, UK Security Product Manager at Proact and Neil Richardson, Technical Director at Samurai Security.

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Episode 2 | Where’s my data?

Where is your organisation’s data? On-premises? In the public cloud? At the edge? Do you know? Does it matter? We discuss the importance of control, protection, management and connectivity, wherever your data is, with Grant Caley, UK and IR Chief Technologist, NetApp, Henrick Nieminen, Principal Solutions Architect, Equinix and Proact CTO, Per Sedihn.

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Episode 1 | Let’s talk AI

Your host, Nikolaus Mantzios, talks to Proact CTO, Per Sedihn, and NetApp AI guru, Jack Watts, about all the bad things (chatbots) and all the good things (SuperPODs) that may be. What is AI? Does your organisation need it? And what do you need to get started?

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