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Meet Kevin, Account Manager in the Netherlands

What part of your job brings you most joy?
It brings me joy to work with my colleagues that help me to close contracts. Everyone is willing to help and walk the extra mile to get the contract.

How does a workday at Proact look like?
Every day is different. I like the varity of tasks and challenges. I don’t know what a new day brings at the table. One day I can wake up and know I am closing a new deal today, and the next day I am in a meeting with a customer talking about new features from Proact and here I need to show the customer that we are the best partner.

What made you sign up for a job at Proact?
I was one of the first persons that joined Proact in the Netherlands. It was a small company then where I could put in all my creativity and my knowledge to share. Besides that, the first time I walked through the front door, it immediately felt like home. That was my sign to sign the employment contract and work for Proact. The rest is history after almost 10 years now.

Your most recent private trip went to?
Ibiza, our history is also Spanish, so we love to go to Ibiza with our friends and family to enjoy the Island.

What is your favourite dessert?
Double Nespresso and Limonchello after dinner.


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