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Meet Stefanie, Service Delivery Manager in Germany

What are you most proud of having achieved during your time at Proact?
As ITIL experts, my team and I have brought order and structure to our department.

What part of your job brings you most joy?
The cooperation with technical colleagues and customers. I have some great customers and in case of a problem there is a colleague to support and share his/hers technical knowledge.

What was the most interesting thing that happened at work this week?
We had an unplanned outreach last weekend. The cooperation with the consultants from Estonia and Germany worked perfectly. I like the way the teamwork at Proact works.

What is it you like about working for Proact?
Being around people with high technical know-how who at the same time know how to be a team.

How does a workday at Proact look like?
No day looks like the other. That is what I like so much about my job. Although I have regular meetings with the teams and customers, I still face new challenges every day.

What kind of people work at Proact?
Young creative people who think out of the box and find unconventional solutions. Honesty is appreciated on all levels.

What was most challenging at work during the week?
Currently nothing unusual. However, last weekend we helped one of our customers in an emergency situation and had to set up a 24/7 service spontaneously. Here again, the outstanding teamwork showed itself.

What made you sign up for a job at Proact?
I was looking for new challenges to broaden my ITIL knowledge. In addition, my trial work day already showed that the customer is in focus and no matter how -he has first priority!

What is your favourite dessert?
Crepe with Kinder Chocolate.

What do you read right now?
A book from Arto Paasilinna – I like his bizarre sense of humour.

Your most recent private trip went to?
To the Alps. Mountains make me very happy.

Your favourite music band?
Foo Fighters.

How do you use Tech in your daily life?
Technology is an integral part of my everyday life, but unlike others Alexa does not control my home.

What is your earliest memory of using Technology as a child?
My godfather brought computers to our home, which he assembled with me. So the love for technology developed very early.

How come you work within Tech?
For me it was clear from the beginning that I would choose a technical profession. Later on I studied Business Informatics and that’s how my path to becoming a Service Delivery Manager started.


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