What part of your job brings you most joy?
The simultaneous handling of the demanding technology and the human part about being together with our customers.

What was the most interesting thing that happened at work this week?
The most interesting was the headswap of a 4-node NetApp MetroCluster. It was like a heart surgery on an open heart. Rebuilding everything without any downtime.

What is it you like about working for Proact?
I like the fact that for the most part of my working day, I can organize it in the way I find it most desirable.

What made you sign up for a job at Proact?
Proact offers a future-oriented working environment at the highest level, and continuously with new challenges, and not to mention the corporate culture and social interaction, that appealed to me right away.

Your most recent private trip went to?
My last holiday went to Egypt, to Makadi Bay. The country and its culture have always fascinated me.

Your favourite music band?
I don’t have a favorite music group. I like listening to all kind of electronic music.