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Join us as we uncover the technologies powering the future of hybrid working.

Covid-19 has changed the world of work – not just during the pandemic, but beyond. A recent ONS survey* found that of those currently homeworking, 85% expect to adapt a hybrid-working approach in the future. There is no doubt that employees working from any location and any device is here to stay.

As a result, hybrid-working solutions have risen high on business agendas. What may have been a short-term ‘emergency remote access measures’ are now holding organisations back. Is there a better way? How are other companies creating the right digital environment for their staff? What does the future hold for hybrid-working technologies?

Join Proact and our panel of industry experts to explore:

  • The digital workspace technologies that underpin the latest hybrid-working solutions
  • Examples of how they’re used by organisations today
  • How you can transform the digital employee experience, increase productivity and
    foster engagement
  • How you can secure your digital environment to enable staff collaboration and manage
    access to sensitive information
  • How you can streamline IT operations and reduce IT support requests
  • How you can make strides in sustainability by reducing IT-related emissions
    Current market trends and upcoming developments in hybrid-working

We’ll also be sharing how one of our customers transformed their way of working and increased staff capacity through hybrid working technology.

This event is designed to appeal to IT architects, Heads of IT, CTOs, HR, business change, operations manager/directors and senior management.