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Proact to launch in the US

Proact will from January 8 this year begin to conduct business in the US. The launch will take place as a “greenfield”, a team with solid technical skills will be taken on in Chicago. The…

Proact to build virtual IT infrastructure for SMÅA

Proact has been commissioned to supply and install a complete IT infrastructure for Småföretagarnas A-kassa, SMÅA. The new IT infrastructure will be commissioned in early 2015.

Building new business in Proact cloud

New company InZafe is basing its business model on Proact’s cloud services. When a company aims to become Europe’s leading supplier of electronic storage for companies’ business documents and accounts data, it needs good partners,…

Proact consolidates IAC Group storage

Proact is supplying a new IT infrastructure to car parts manufacturer IAC Group. This solution involves a new storage environment and backup solution, giving IAC the system access and flexibility demanded by their business. The…

Proact buys back own shares

The Annual General Meeting held on 6 May 2014 authorised the Board of Directors at Proact IT Group AB to implement a buyback of own shares amounting to a maximum of 10 per cent of…

Proact Board makes decision on buyback of own shares

The Board of Directors at Proact IT Group AB ("Proact") has made a decision to initiate the buyback of its own shares within the scope of the authorisation concerning the acquisition of own shares, amounting…