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Proact growing in the Baltic States

Storage and archiving specialist Proact is making inroads into the Baltic States and recently commenced operations in Estonia. Five members of staff have been recruited, and already the new office has been awarded a number…

Proact opens business in Estonia

The Storage and archiving specialist Proact will start up a subsidiary in Estonia during the summer of 2008.

Proact archiving solution preserves Swedish flora and fauna

Archive and storage specialists Proact have been working on behalf of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Statens lantbruksuniversitet, or SLU) to build an archiving solution for storing images and information on all of Sweden’s…

Interim report January - March 2008

Strong start to 2008 The first quarter in brief - Net turnover increased by 15 % to SEK 238 (207) million. - Profit before tax amounted to SEK 8.0 (5.6) million. - Net profit after…

Proact data storage and backup/recovery solution for Multiprint

Storage and archiving specialist Proact, delivered a storage and backup/recovery solution for Multiprint. Using a storage array solution, the rapidly growing volume of data being transferred between offices can be flexibly stored and archived.

Forma Publishing Group places IT operations with Proact

Forma Publishing Group, owned by Hakon, is placing full responsibility for its IT infrastructure on with archive and storage specialists Proact. This commission is said to be worth around SEK 7 million over three years.