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ABAB Accountants en Adviseurs

A renewed infrastructure consisting of a NetApp cluster managed by Proact

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ABAB Accountants en Adviseurs is a full-service accountancy and consultancy organization. They help customers with their financial and administrative concerns by taking care of annual accounts, tax returns and have various branches of advice: tax, legal, pension and much more. ABAB has approximately 700 employees who depend on their ICT infrastructure.

Partners for over 12 years

ABAB started working with Proact more than 12 years ago. Their storage needs were changing, while on the other hand, virtualization was on the rise. In addition, the stability of the platform at that time was not sufficient to be able to work properly and safely.

They heard several positive experiences about NetApp from their competitors. ABAB uses a certain FoxPro database that does not tolerate all storage solutions well, with the exception of the NetApp technology. So, this choice was immediately clear.

In their search for the right partner, in which they compared several suppliers, Proact immediately stood out. “It clearly became apparent that there is an enormous amount of knowledge available at Proact, in combination with a very accessible culture. Proact has a very personal approach: all the names of the management were in the contract, including their phonenumbers. Fortunately, we didn’t have to call them, but that immediately gave us an idea of trust,” says Hans Vingerhoets, Senior Network Designer at ABAB.

Proact case study ABAB challenge
Proact has an enormous amount of knowledge, in combination with a personal and accessible culture.
Hans Vingerhoets, Senior Network Designer

Proact lives up to first impression

Proact issued the first advice 12 years ago and ultimately also provided the implementation of the new infrastructure. Now, 12 years later, the third environment is available: a flexpod infrastructure, consisting of a NetApp cluster with Cisco switches and servers, on which a Hyper-V cluster runs. This has not only been set up by Proact but is also managed by Proact.

“We also concluded a service contract for this environment, with Proact taking care of the updates and availability. It was difficult for us to keep the expertise in-house at the desired level, which is why we let Proact do that. They are the people who are working with it every day and therefore have a lot of knowledge. They know exactly how everything works and that is very important for our system – which is so important to
ABAB. We are absolutely satisfied with that,” says Hans.

According to Hans, ABAB’s first impression of Proact has more than been fulfilled: “We experience the collaboration as very pleasant and there are very short lines, so we are always helped quickly.”

ABAB employs relationship managers who are often on the road. They need real-time online insight into data. In addition, there are employees who work behind the scenes and customers who want to consult their electronic file. Hence the choice for a robust, fast and secure infrastructure.

Recently, Proact issued an advisory on backup security related to ransomware, which will be implemented soon. Hans says about this: “In this way, projects continue to take place within the organization that we are happy to entrust to our partner Proact.”


  • Extended availability
    The storage has been increased by means of a renewed infrastructure
  • Better security
    A new backup protection is being implemented
  • Up to date knowledge and personal approach
    With Proact there is a lot of knowledge in house and the lines are short

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