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City of Ostrava

Proact helps City of Ostrava provide its citizens with faster and more reliable services

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Ostrava is a statutory, regional and university city in the northeast of the Czech Republic in the Moravian-Silesian region, near the border with Poland. Ostrava is the third largest city in Czech Republic in terms of population and area. The wider Ostrava area is the second largest in the country, with almost one million inhabitants. Together with twelve other cities, Ostrava forms one territory administered by the office of municipal district of Ostrava, the public-law corporation and municipality with wider scope of authority. Ostrava itself is divided into 23 municipal districts.


Within their own and delegate force, the city of Ostrava is responsible for theperformance of state administration in areas of health and social care, education, planning, building, the registry office, and others

The city of Ostrava has been using Oracle database systems with standard licenses for small and medium sized businesses for many years. The pace of application development that used the database environment has accelerated in recent years.

The existing VMware virtualisation system was extended to all Windows applications, and the demand for higher availability has also begun to grow into the Oracle environment and on services provided to the city’s citizens. For this reason, but also because of the verified compatibility of the Oracle databases with applications from various vendors already in use, SMO demanded a specific software product to ensure high availability of the Oracle environment

Veritas InfoScale is a sophisticated solution with a very friendly graphical user interface. But it’s not just a “graphic click”, it is the contrary. You can script almost everything which requires a more knowledgeable approach of its administrators. However, soon after training our Linux specialists coped with it, and today we are able to handle over 90% of all necessary tasks without any problems ourselves.”
artin Košec Infrastructure Manager of Ovanet, a company which provides outsourcing of IT infrastructure to the city of Ostrava


The main motivation was to provide the services that the city of Ostrava equips its citizens with in a more reliable and cost-effective way. Proact delivered a proven Veritas InfoScale solution that offered the city high quality availability of Oracle databases while continuing to use the common type of licenses, at a cost 80 percent lower than the competing solution.

“The Veritas InfoScale solution won in technical, licensing and pricing terms. Even after years of operation, we have only good experience, at significantly lower investment and operating costs than we expected,” says Martin Košec, Infrastructure Manager of Ovanet, a company which provides outsourcing of IT infrastructure to the city of Ostrava.

The solution delivered by Proact enables the customer to react quickly to infrastructure outages not only when it comes to their applications, but also when it comes to hardware failures. The solution transfers a critical application or a database to backup nodes within a maximum of one minute. We implemented Veritas InfoScale Enterprise software and put it into operation on four servers in two locations. It was first deployed on lighter and less critical systems and then gradually extended on the entire Oracle environment. The training of SMO employees and the creation of clear operational documentation was a matter of course.

Environment after Veritas InfoScale implementation / deployment

Proact case study - Solution City Ostrava

  • InfoScale can store data on two or more independent storage disks. In the case of geographically remote
    sites, it controls replication.
  • InfoScale allows the movement of Oracle DB instances between nodes, as well as within locations


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