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Successful start in the EASY Cloud and setting the course for SaaS with cloud and business partner Proact

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A CD as distribution tool? Those days are over. From product development to marketing, the cloud is the gold standard — as long as the basis is right. Therefore, at the EASY SOFTWARE company, both the EASY products themselves and their development had to become cloud capable.

Initial situation

The use of Kubernetes and Docker for the microservice stack was certain. The right partner was sought for the operational and conceptual IT operations. For compliance reasons, this partner had to have data centres in Germany but also be able to implement foreign options, and actively support EASY SOFTWARE’s growth.

Research showed that only very few service providers have the necessary technological know-how and can also offer data storage in Germany. After an intensive selection process with cost-benefit analyses, many discussions, workshops and site visits, two providers were on equal footing.

“We decided on Proact. During the entire process, Proact showed great commitment and had well-founded questions and answers. From the project team to the management, our impression was that they were capable of doing this and weren’t selling us a pipe dream,” says Ben Szurpit, Senior Operations Manager at EASY SOFTWARE, adding: “Our corporate cultures fit together. Proact is just as down-to-earth and uncomplicated as we are and has flat hierarchies. Their technology and technological competence also convinced us. The icing on the cake was the promise that Proact also can and wants to operate our end-customer solutions.”

Complete coverage in the cloud

Proact is conceptually and holistically responsible for the EASY cloud infrastructure. The 24/7 operation takes place in a cloud operating model with all-round service. Here, Proact focuses on software processes and related services such as monitoring, logging, disaster recovery and scaling.

The managed Kubernetes service was set up in the Proact data centre in Nuremberg. Together with the customer, a fully API-driven design was created. The team refined it step by step and ticked off one milestone after the other.

After the data transfer from the previous service provider and six weeks of testing, operations went live. Switching over was enough. Communication within the team was completely digital and without on-site appointments. EASY SOFTWARE placed operational IT in competent hands. Costs were reduced.

Additionally, planning for new products was made more secure, because the forecast and reality are more are more accurate than before. The company’s product management knows exactly what costs will arise if, for example, the number of users changes.

“Our choice of Proact was spot-on. The cooperation is really straightforward. When you get along straight away as we did, you also made quick progress in the operational area,” says Ben Szurpit. “With Proact’s technological expertise, we are not only more efficient, but compared to the previous service provider, our costs have also been reduced by 50%.

With Proact’s technological expertise, we are not only more efficient, but compared to the previous service provider, our costs have also been reduced by 50%.“
Ben Szurpit, Senior Operations Manager at EASY SOFTWARE

Mutual success

Proact Managed Services offer EASY SOFTWARE a great deal of creative freedom and above all, individual approaches and solutions. “Proact consultants contributed their ideas as early as the design phase. Even with complex technical issues, Proact goes deep into the matter to find a solution. This helps immensely to integrate our products into the Proact operation. Incident and change processes just work, which makes everything more efficient and faster. If we want to change something, we can, even if it’s just a simple alteration,” says Ben Szurpit.

The service scales in every direction, whether it’s functional extensions, service availability in other countries or an increase in the number of users. EASY Cloud Archive, a GoBD- compliant online archiving system, can easily have several hundred thousand visitors, for example. Developing faster with cloud services With the help of Proact, EASY SOFTWARE has introduced DevOps routines.

As the Proact team came to better understand the EASY software, the developers came to understand the infrastructure. Working methods were improved and automated. With Proact, new concepts and technologies could also be tested and brought to the point where they could serve as a blueprint for other development teams.

Previously, the development teams also had to take care of the IT. This lengthened the time required for development and the teams could only concentrate on very few products. Acceptance of the new offering is high: ten teams are now consuming resources from the Kubernetes service.

The future: Even more cloud

EASY SOFTWARE is already working on a master plan for further public services. Customers should be able to use EASY products on hyperscalers or through EASY SOFTWARE directly. The company is therefore pursuing a hybrid approach.

The classic EASY software that is not “cloud-born” is to be transferred to a SaaS concept and operated in the multicloud. When it comes to accessing hyperscalers, being included in the service catalogue, and in the automation and implementation of processes, EASY SOFTWARE can count on Proact. EASY Cloud Archive is already listed in the Proact service catalogue.

“Proact is exactly the right partner for us. The cooperation is absolutely solution oriented. Whatever we determine we need, Proact delivers exactly that and no superfluous extras. You notice that Proact has full-stack engineers who look at things very closely and grasp the essentials immediately,” says Ben Szurpit.


  • Plenty of creative freedom, with individual solutions and high scalability
  • Positive response from the development teams
  • Access to cloud know-how, from concept to realisation
  • The path to hybrid and multicloud is secured with hyperscalers
  • Operating costs reduced by 50%
  • Reliable costs ensure security while planning

Key components

Proact is exactly the right partner for us. You notice that Proact has full-stack engineers who look at things very closely and grasp the essentials immediately.
Ben Szurpit, Senior Operations Manager at EASY SOFTWARE

About the customer

EASY SOFTWARE develops software products for digitalising business processes. The intuitive, customised EASY solutions automate, mobilise and optimise workflows. They feature on-premises, cloud and mobile access. Founded in 1990, the company is now active in 60 countries with almost 400 employees.

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