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Case Study

Erzbistum Bamberg

Diocese is perfectly equipped for the future thanks to increased speed, performance, scalability, and high availability

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Solution provided

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamberg is a diocese in northern Bavaria which covers a large part of Franconia. Around 700,000 Catholics live between Ansbach, Hof, Bayreuth, and Rothenburg, and they are served by around 7,000 diocese staff members, 700 of whom are employed in administration. The IT department is made up of 12 members of staff who are tasked with keeping almost 3,000 IT work places in the diocese operational.


Demands on the IT infrastructure in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamberg have exploded over the last five years. “While in the past we only had to provide PCs and a little memory and a network, requirements with regarding performance, availability, and scalability are much larger today. Our old IT infrastructure was not geared for that. We were using NetApp solutions, but these were piecemeal efforts. The design just wasn’t correct,” explains Johannes Wagner, System Administrator and Project Lead at the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamberg.

“We could not go anywhere at that speed, we had too many services running and the storage system could no longer display them. Additionally, we don’t have large numbers of staff and only three employees manage the IT infrastructure. At the same time, we must ensure high availability through the various services that we offer. In the future, administrative work should be conducted in such a way that the user does not notice. Ideally, administrative costs should also be considerably lower,” Wagner adds.

Due to a maintenance extension of the previous primary system, it was decided that completely new infrastructure would be rolled out, using cDOT in the future. “We were satisfied with the NetApp products, but we knew that the infrastructure, as we had set it up, was not 100% suitable and it had much more potential. This triggered us to get in contact with Proact, who have a great reputation of designing, implementing and managing complex IT infrastructure solutions,” says Wagner.

“From the beginning, Proact understood us and were always concerned with implementing the best solution for us.”

Everything is much more relaxed for both the user as well as the administrators. If you look at all factors such as ease of maintenance, availability, administration, speed, scalability, as well as cost savings on backups, we now benefit from a much better price for performance.
Johannes Wagner, System Administrator and Project Lead, The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamberg

How we helped

Trusted advisor Proact created a comprehensive design that will fulfil requirements for the next five years, while providing a secure future for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamberg.

With the new system, Proact experts were able to meet the customer’s goal of 100% full virtualisation. A classic MetroCluster from NetApp is the basis of the new infrastructure. It consists of four FAS8040 nodes that are distributed over two data centres. The MetroCluster is supported by ClusterLion in order to reduce administrative costs, which automatically detects a site malfunction. “In the event of a malfunction, we do not have to concern ourselves with how to get the system running again. We can get to the real trouble shooting right away,” explains Johannes Wagner.

In this context, Commvault Simpana was also replaced by Commvault IntelliSnap. This solution modernises backup and recovery processes in virtualised infrastructures. No administrative changes were necessary for this. With this change the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bamberg saved on costs thanks to the an improved SnapProtect / IntelliSnap licensing model. At the same time, the backup window, which previously lasted four to six hours, was reduced and backup times are now under ten minutes. In addition, classic tape backups were replaced with a FAS2552HA backup-to-disk solution. To prevent using valuable MetroCluster storage space, processes have been setup to store less important data with lower demand on availability on less expensive FAS2554HA systems equipped with SATA disks.


  • Best price vs. performance
    Via savings on backups and many other factors.
  • Highest performance and availability
    Maintenance work no longer needs to be conducted on the weekend or at night.
  • High flexibility and scalability
    Cluster update works while in operation.

Key components

  • NetApp FAS8040 MetroCluster
  • NetApp Commvault IntelliSnap
  • NetApp FAS2554HA
  • ClusterLion

About the customer

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