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Geis Group

Logistics service provider relies on Proact know-how for email security

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Solution provided

Since its foundation in 1945, Hans Geis GmbH + Co KG, headquartered in Bad Neustadt, Franconia, has developed into a global full-service logistics provider with over 6,800 employees at 136 of its own network and logistics locations across Europe. The company offers its customers a vast range of logistics services – from classic truck transport to global air and sea freight and complex logistics services. Geis Group has already been ranked in “Bavaria’s Best 50” four times and is one of the best employers in the logistics sector in Germany according to the “Employer Study 2016”, published by Focus magazine.


Communication and document exchange via email are business-critical for logistics companies such as Geis. Around 100,000 e-mails are received and answered in the company every day. The internal IT function centrally manages around 4,500 mailboxes and ensures that all company-wide emails and attached documents, such as quotations, orders, contracts, customs documents or delivery notes, can be retrieved quickly and securely. If documents are not available or are available too late, precisely timed processes can come to a standstill and cause delays. In the worst case, operational processes are prevented, logistics chains impaired and contractual penalties received.

But emails are not only indispensable. They are also a means of transport for cyber attacks of all kinds. In order to minimise the security risk of unknown malware, unclassified URLs, email and ransomware attacks, Geis wanted to introduce an email sandboxing system. Each email was to be checked fully and automatically before it was delivered to the mailbox or it would be quarantined if necessary. Because the demands placed upon Geis’ users were so high, security checks could not exceed five minutes per email.

Emails with risky content are so well made today that it’s often difficult to identify them. Once opened they can do a lot of damage. This risk was too great so we wanted to expand our security strategy to include email sandboxing. We also wanted to give our users a sense of security at work.
Ralf Lammering IT Manager Hans Geis GmbH + Co KG


The product selection was based on a wide variety of criteria. However, performance, cost and filter efficiency were top of the priority list. To meet these requirements, Proact introduced “Deep Discovery Email Inspector” (DDEI) from Trend Micro.

Following a month-long test, DDEI emerged to offer by far the best performance in comparison to other systems. The average processing time per email was 45 seconds – more than 20 times faster than other products in the selection. “Trend Micro’s system was not only affordable, it also does exactly what Proact promised us. We appreciate this honesty as well as the flexibility, competence and proactivity of the team,” says Ralf Lammering, IT Manager at Hans Geis GmbH + Co KG.

The switch from the test system to the production system was easy and smooth thanks to the good planning and adjustments that had already been made to the environment prior to the transition. The developed and refined configuration was transferred, and the production system was immediately ready to go. Proact also supported the IT team in setting up the virtual machines for sandboxing and set up a second system to serve as a backup.

The advantages

With the sandboxing solution, Geis was able to seamlessly expand its overall IT security concept, maintain efficiency and further improve its level of security. The system’s hit rate is now excellent and the solution relieves and reassures not only the IT managers, but also the users. Instead of having to pay attention to potentially harmful links and file attachments, they can concentrate on business-critical work and can logistical processes running.

Torsten Söder, Geis’ IT Security Manager, says: “Even after more than a year of practical operation, the performance still meets our requirements. The DDEI is stable. You can see immediately when a Trojan wave is rolling. We can’t envision operations without the system anymore and are completely satisfied. Proact still offers us reliable support, for example we get up-to-date information on patches or upgrades.”


  • Price-performance ratio
    Best price-performance ratio in comparison to other solutions
  • High data security
    Mail checks introduced to overall IT security concept
  • Time savings
    Processing time per mail only 45 seconds
  • Automation
    Fully-automated system with no resource requirements

Key components

  • 2 x Trend Micro Deep Discovery Email Inspectors (DDEI) with customised sandboxing and all licenses
  • Planning, testing, implementation and commissioning •
  • Intensive customer care and tuning advice
  • Support to set up a second DDEI (backup solution)
  • Support for updates, upgrades, patches, hot fixes etc.

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