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Case Study

Haag Wonen

Proact supports housing corporation Haag Wonen in transition to strategic IT

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In recent years, the IT department at housing corporation Haag Wonen has worked hard on an important transition from operational IT to a more service-oriented, strategic approach. “Our core business is providing the right housing for our tenants, not on IT,” says Jasper Wevers, manager IT at Haag Wonen. Haag Wonen is the third largest housing corporation in The Hague. The corporation owns 22,000 residential buildings and 2,500 commercial properties across The Hague.


With only a small, dedicated IT team and many operational tasks, it was clear for Haag Wonen that it needed to take an alternative route. “We were extremely busy with keeping the lights on, instead of focusing on strategy and future developments,” says Wever. This is the reason why the corporation adopted a new approach in which outsourcing the majority of operational tasks is a key component. This enables the IT department to focus on aligning business and IT. This is best illustrated in the job description of Wever’s colleague Peter Eliazar who used to be a system administrator and now works at Haag Wonen as an ICT director.

One of the projects Haag Wonen started in order to outsource operational tasks focuses on data management. Wevers and his team sent out a request for a proposal for storage and backup, as well as disaster recovery. “Initially, we considered Proact’s offering, based on its experience Level Agreement, which appeared too good to be true. This is why we asked to visit their office and meet with the team in person. After the visit, we were immediately convinced Proact would be able to deliver.

Proact plays an important role in our transition from operational IT to a more service-oriented and strategic approach.
Jasper Wevers, IT Manager, Haag Wonen


Proact offered its Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), Managed Services for Storage and Managed Services for Backup. Moving forward, Haag Wonen will also do some workshops, based on Proact’s Business Cloud Alignment methodology, which helps businesses in selecting the right cloud for the right workload. Haag Wonen started with outsourcing its storage and backup management, freeing up time for the IT department “Next, we worked jointly on creating a dependable and scalable disaster recovery platform, which will be comprised of a mirrored environment at Proact’s data center,” says Peter Eliazar. “We are in the final stages of this project.”

Wevers and Eliazar are particularly pleased with Proact’s proactive approach, especially when it comes to incidents. Wevers explains, “At the end of 2017, we had an incident that was not directly related to Proact’s activities. Regardless of this Proact helped us immediately and effectively. In addition to this, all projects that we have worked on so far have been delivered on time and within our budget. We now have ample time to work with the business to determine their needs and requirements, whilst Proact takes care of keeping the light on. Moreover, we have significantly reduced our risks of data loss, thanks to DRaaS. We are convinced Proact is the right partner for us. With their local presence and expertise, backed by an experienced European organisation, Proact has delivered on its promises.”


  • Proactive monitoring of storage and backups
  • Significant reduction of risk of data loss
  • Proactive service and support with regard to infrastructure issues
  • More room for strategic IT initiatives

Key components

  • Proact’s Managed Cloud Services, including Disaster Recovery-as-a- Service (DRaaS), Managed Services for Storage and Managed Services for Backup
  • Proact’s Business Cloud Alignment methodology

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