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Case Study

Hansen Industrial Transmissions

Hansen Industrial Transmissions boosts application performance with Pure Storage and Proact

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Hansen Industrial Transmissions (HIT), the Belgian division of Sumitomo Drive Technologies, has been a trusted provider and leading manufacturer of quality power transmission solutions for almost 100 years. Its plant in Edegem, near Antwerp, has a global customer base. It is also the location of the global R&D department for industrial gearbox applications.


The IT infrastructure at Hansen Industrial Transmissions supports engineering, manufacturing and office staff. It is based on VMware with Windows and Linux guests and on Oracle VM with SPARC Solaris.

The existing storage platform was no longer able to provide the performance the company needed to realize its business goals. In addition, the capacity of the existing SAN needed expanding. Floris Nackaerts, IT Manager, explains: “Fast data delivery is critical for us and poor I/O performance really started to impact our business. Nightly batch routines ran into mornings and users had to wait too long for their data. Backups also became
a problem. We had to increase the backup intervals and reduce the number of full backups to get them processed in time.”

The IT team at HIT started investigating alternatives for the existing storage network, which would meet its business requirements in terms of performance, capacity, manageability and budget.

The new Pure Storage platform, delivered and implemented by Proact, offers many advantages, such as significantly improved performance, high deduplication + compression ratios, and better management and monitoring interfaces.
Floris Nackaerts, IT Manager, Hansen Industrial Transmissions

How we helped

After evaluating various solutions, the IT team selected the Pure Storage FlashArray X20. Herta Van den Eynde, ICT Technology Specialist at Hansen Industrial Transmissions, explains: “We selected this platform, because it is an all flash system, providing excellent performance. Furthermore, the platform supports VMware and SPARC Solaris, as well as Veeam backup from storage snapshots. In addition, the platform is easy to manage and provides impressive deduplication and compression capabilities.”

Proact was selected as the partner to deliver and implement the Pure Storage system at HIT. “With their expertise and knowledge, Proact proved to be the right party to deploy the system,” says Raf Vervecken, ICT Technology Specialist at Hansen Industrial Transmissions. He points out that the business has benefitted greatly from the new system. “All of the data was migrated on-line in just a matter of days, with no discernable
impact on business operations. Following the migration, users experienced a dramatic improvement in performance, so much so that they called the IT Service Desk because they were worried: surely, not all their data could be processed that quickly? Batch jobs that would take eight hours, now complete in less than four. Users can access data much faster, which helps accelerate business processes. In addition, managing the system is extremely easy with a very intuitive and user-friendly console.” Raf Vervecken adds that the Pure Storage FlashArray X20 has fully delivered on its promise about deduplication and compression, resulting in a 3.2 to 1 effective data reduction rate.

Floris Nackaerts concludes: “All in all, we have strongly lowered our business risk. Our data is more readily available and more secure because we can backup and restore much faster than before. We are very enthusiastic about the platform and the support from Proact. This was definitely the right choice.”


  • Fast and reliable storage, effectively boosting business processes and backups
  • Excellent deduplication and compression capabilities
  • Easy to manage system with an intuitive and user-friendly console
  • Low TCO and reduced business risks

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