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Case Study

University of Gloucestershire

University enters new IT paradigm as Proact transforms entire infrastructure estate and operations

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Solution provided

Proact worked as an integral partner to the University of Gloucestershire to support the overhaul of its entire infrastructure estate and service delivery model for IT operations. The University, which has just under 8,000 students, was committed to an IT strategy which took the focus away from the day-to-day operations of the technology, embracing a managed services approach. This shift involved examining how IT could be better integrated to support learning and teaching.


Proact supported the vast amount of changes required to modernise the ageing infrastructure. The University wanted to increase resiliency and improve efficiencies by modelling and implementing a phased approach, which enabled a gradual transformation of the IT architecture without causing major disruption to day-to-day operations. High on the agenda for the University was ensuring that the environment could provide reliable support in the event of a disaster, and that it would be managed by a reliable service provider. Additionally, there was a requirement for an improved backup solution which could provide various layers of resilience while efficiently managing large amounts of data.

The University sought a trusted advisor that would be able to manage daily tasks, provide specialist skills and work in close partnership to ensure the IT environment was running optimally. Proact’s maturity in the market enabled us to positively challenge the status quo and offer bespoke advice and solutions for these requirements. The University was confident in our ability to provide the most advanced and advantageous solution and therefore selected us.

The transition to Proact’s solution went incredibly smoothly and our expectations of the managed service support have been significantly exceeded.
Dr Nick Moore, Director of Library, Technology and Information Services, University of Gloucestershire

How we helped

Acting as an extension of the University’s internal IT department, Proact not only implemented a variety of infrastructure solutions as part of this phased project, but played a crucial advisory role relating to any future cloud transformation plans. By deploying new storage, servers and a backup environment, using leading enterprise-class technologies, the University has now transformed its IT operations and future-proofed its entire environment. This resilient solution, which integrated new storage, networking and compute, as well as a solid and reliable backup function, significantly reduced the likelihood of data loss while increasing performance and availability. Proact’s experts also introduced a disaster recovery solution at the University, which was designed to be secure, available and flexible from the ground up.

As a result of Proact’s Service Management, the University of Gloucestershire’s IT team can have total peace of mind that everything is being taken care of by true experts in the field. This will allow the department to focus on innovative university-centric projects. The University is enjoying an efficient, fast and effective IT monitoring, support and incident resolution service, with selected operations continually being optimised thanks to Proact’s advanced, secure monitoring platform. Service Management also ensures that the University is getting peak performance from its systems while also freeing up internal resource to focus on strategic projects.


  • Flexible solution
    The environment is able to handle growing IT demands which means that expansion is non-disruptive and work can continue.
  • Cost efficiency
    The low risk and cost effective solution will reduce long-term costs, allowing the University to plan for the next five years and invest in innovation.
  • Total coverage
    Proact’s experts provide fast and effective monitoring 24x7x365 so the University can focus on other projects.
  • Enterprise technology
    The solution utilises best of breed technology that meets performance requirements, resulting in a fast and agile solution.
  • Free-up resource
    Internal talent is able to concentrate on value-adding initiatives, maximising the use of human resources.
  • Specialist skills
    Expertise is available to shape future strategies and to resolve problems, meaning that the University can call on a team of experts at any time.

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