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Case Study

Victor Peeters

Proact supports Group Victor Peeters to prepare for new ERP platform and instant capacity demands

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Group Victor Peeters is a leading specialist in industrial cleaning with over 45 construction yards in Belgium and the Netherlands. Peeters uses state-of-the-art technology to provide its customers with the best solutions. The company was planning to move to a new Microsoft Dynamics based ERP system. Also, it needed instant capacity for specific activities that could not easily be supported by its existing infrastructure, as this would take too long to implement. Koen van den Kerkhof, ICT manager, Group Victor Peeters, said: “We turned to Proact for expert advice and support. Thanks to this help we’ve been able to realise our goals for these two projects.”


Group Peeters had a two challenges when it turned to Proact for help. “First of all, we needed additional IT capacity for some specific activities. It was too complicated and time-consuming to prepare our existing infrastructure to support these initiative so we asked Proact to come up with a solution,” stated Van den Kerkhof.

“Proact created an IT as a Service-based proposition that enabled us to offer staff compute and storage capacity on-demand by using a VDI platform. We needed to keep using a key legacy AS/400 software solution but this didn’t seem to be an issue. Proact and a specialist AS/400 partner worked closely together to enable the use of this solution that’s hosted and maintained at the partner´s data centre. We connect to the solution via a dedicated VPN that links to Proact’s data centre.”

The second project involved the creation of a test and development environment for Peeters Group’s new ERP system. Van den Kerkhof pointed out that the company needed to stick to an on-premise platform to start off with, based on Microsoft Dynamics. “Because we didn’t want to use our own data centre for test and development activities, we asked Proact to deliver a private cloud solution. The various iterations of our new ERP platform are hosted by Proact in its secure, local data centre. This way, we can test new services without impacting production systems. We’re currently working together to fine-tune the new solution that’s expected to go live early next year.”

Proact has played a tremendous role in providing support for both our ERP transition and our demand to have quick capacity for new activities
Koen van den Kerkhof, ICT Manager, Victor Peeters

How we helped

Van den Kerkhof is extremely happy with all the help Proact has provided so far. “We now have the systems in place that prepare us for the future. Proact has already helped us create and integrate a new storage system which has gone very well.

“Both the ERP and capacity projects have been handled in a professional way. Proact has been a true partner and has been able to act fast and flexibly. Even though we’ll stick to an on-premises approach for now, we are ready for the cloud in the future. Sooner or later, we will migrate some or all of our services to the cloud. It’s good to know that we now have the systems in place that enable a smooth transition, when the time is right.”


  • Test & development
    Ability to build and optimise new services without disrupting production systems.
  • On-demand capacity
    Staff can access storage and compute when they need it.
  • Integration
    Designed to incorporate business- critical legacy software.
  • Cloud-ready
    Services can easily be moved to the cloud in the future.

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