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Case Study

Water Authority Rivierenland

Proact supports water authority with migration to state- of-the-art workspaces

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Water Authority Rivierenland is responsible for water control across Dutch river areas. Its staff work on a variety of tasks, including water management (maintenance, water levels, water quality), looking after dikes and (drainage) quays, management and maintenance of specific roads and the treatment of waste water. The organisation employs around 1,200 people and its headquarters are located in Tiel.


Water authorities perform a crucial role in keeping the Netherlands dry. Obviously, technology plays a pivotal role when it comes to water management, as well as having the right processes. In 2017, the water authority decided to implement a new financial application. As this new system required among others a 64-bit environment, Rivierenland decided to upgrade its existing 32-bit based VDI platform to a new, up- to-date Windows 10 environment, based on VMware’s virtualisation technology.

This step also helped the organisation improve the security and stability of other applications, especially AutoCAD and GIS systems that require the right amount of CPU capacity. In addition, Rivierenland wanted to use this opportunity to evaluate its application landscape and see if it could limit the number of apps that are used.

With only a small, dedicated IT team, water authroity Rivierenland started looking for an external partner to help facilitate a smooth and seamless transition that would ensure minimum disruption for the authority’s workforce. Rivierenland selected ProactVX, which is part of the Proact IT Group, to help out especially because of its knowledge, expertise and experience in workspace technology.

Proact has proven to be a flexible knowledge partner that has helped us migrate seamlessly
Martijn Vlietstra, ICT Project Manager, Water Authority Rivierenland

How we helped

The migration project consisted of three subprojects, including transitioning from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016, upgrading to Active Directory 2016 and migrating to a new Windows 10-based VDI. Proact offered expertise and resources for all three subprojects.

“Proact has proven to be a flexible knowledge partner that has helped us migrate seamlessly. As far as the VDI project is concerned, Proact helped us create a platform that has more automation capabilities than our former system,” says Martijn Vlietstra, who managed the project together with Ewout Breen and Hank van Asperen.

“We are now able to roll out a new workspace very easily at just a push of a button. In addition, all applications were installed in such a way that our most regular users could see the benefits very quickly. We mainly have packaged applications for specific users. This saves time and resources. Moreover, Proact provided valuable advice and support for moving to the newer versions of Exchange and Active Directory. And it also helped reduce the number of applications we use,” Vlietstra added.

Ewout Breen noted that Proact proved to be a flexible and expert partner. “Initially, we planned to take on the project ourselves, but close analysis showed that we would not meet the strict deadline for the implementation of our new financial system.

“Thanks to the efforts of the Proact team and their invaluable technical input, we were able to get all things done on time. The Proact consultants were flexible, proactive and helped us to introduce the latest technology, both in hardware and software. This helps us ensure continuity and security. In addition, the new platform is easier to manage. The Proact team helped us especially well in transferring knowledge as we will be managing the platform ourselves. All in all, we can look back on a successful project.”


  • Modern VDI platform
    The latest technology for the best security, capabilty, maintainability and performance.
  • Easy management
    Automation enables a small IT team to manage the platform.
  • Safe and reliable workspace
    Trusted technology offers security and reliability.
  • Easy roll-out of workspaces
    Automation caters for the quick and seamless creation of new workspaces.

Key components

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