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Proact protects Woonconcept’s digital assets with 24x7 management.

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Housing association Woonconcept is looking to introduce a new facilities vision called ‘Thuis op je werk’. The Computerization, Automation and Facility Services department is also aiming to become a self-sufficient team but in order to achieve this, the team needed to figure out what to do themselves and what should be outsourced. Woonconcept chose to hand over the management of its storage and backup environment to Proact. With 12,500 homes, garages and business properties in three municipalities – Hoogeveen, Meppel and Steenwijk –Woonconcept’s 100 employees are tasked with finding accessible homes for those in need.


Business continuity is very important for Woonconcept. Tenants should be able to contact the organisation at all times to report potential issues, not just for day- to-day maintenance like small repairs, but also in urgent cases such as carbon monoxide being detected in their residence. In order to service its tenants sufficiently, Woonconcept needs 24/7 access to its data.

Previously, Woonconcept managed the storage and backup environment. The IT department, consisting of ten employees, handled this in a reactive manner. Because of this, potential capacity problems weren’t noticed in time, which sometimes resulted in downtime. Woonconcept is now slowly working towards becoming more coordinated and organised.

René Munster, head of Computerization, Automation and Facility Services at Woonconcept explained, “We’re noticing the IT landscape is becoming more and more complex. At one point, our team was no longer able to keep up with the issues originating from the business. We were constantly reverting to external specialists. This is when the question rose: should we be continually investing in external support to make sure our internal team remains up-to-date?

What I particularly like about Proact’s services, is that they are always willing to go the extra mile.
René Munster, Head of Computerization, Automation and Facility Services, Woonconcept

How we helped

When it comes to storage, backup and managing this environment, Woonconcept has been working with Proact for a while. But to solve these challenges, Proact provided a range of advanced services from its extensive portfolio of infrastructure and cloud solutions; Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Service Management for Storage and Backup. These data management services are part of a broad spectrum of secure, available and flexible Managed Cloud Services. All of these are built on proven technology, complemented by Proact’s expertise and experience, which is accessible on a 24/7 basis.

Munster added: “What I particularly like about Proact’s services is that they are always willing to go the extra mile. They recognise how important business continuity is for us and do everything in their power to support us in this.” Proact calls this way of working the XLA method, in which XLA stands for eXperience Level Agreements – an alternative to the traditional SLA metrics. This client satisfaction approach means Woonconcept can trust that Proact will deliver on its promises and coordinate all services to adhere to the housing association’s goals and challenges.

“Proact gives us peace of mind,” says Munster. “Our storage and backup environment is in good hands. This allows us to focus on continuing to work towards our new facilities vision.”


  • Proactive monitoring
    Secure, remote monitoring and support from round- the-clock Network Operations Centres.
  • Near-zero downtime
    Service continuity assured preventing disruption to end- users, internally and externally.
  • Expert support
    One point of contact available 24/7, backed by XLAs to ensure service quality.
  • Continual improvements
    We provide patches, upgrades, health checks and service reviews.

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Proact supports housing corporation Haag Wonen in transition to strategic IT

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