Proact Managed Container Platform

The Managed Container Platform from Conoa and Proact enables your organisation to focus on your applications — without having to build, maintain or operate your own container environment.

Proact Managed Container Platform: Containers as a Service

Agile development using container technology allows companies to innovate faster, respond directly to market changes and scale more easily to meet customer needs.

But developing container-based services can be complex and requires a high level of skill and experience to manage the underlying environment.

With the Proact Managed Container Platform, your organisation can access the benefits of a container platform as a service. It includes all underlying infrastructure and is fully automated as well as CNCF certified. So your development teams can build, test and deploy applications with speed, quality and control — without extensive investment in training of operations staff, hardware and software.

Top-class support

24/7 monitoring and administration: Our specialists will monitor and manage your container environment around the clock to detect and deal with any problems.

9-5 change management: All changes will be recorded and tracked, thereby reducing disruption caused by changes and speeding up the implementation of those changes.

Additional add-ons are available depending on your organisation’s individual needs, such as consulting services and Kubernetes training.

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Main benefits at a glance

  • A dedicated Kubernetes container platform for your organisation
  • Hosted by Proact, on-prem on your premises or in the public cloud
  • Fully tested and validated software stack
  • Dedicated environment to meet your performance and scalability needs
  • Support from experienced container and Kubernetes consultants
  • ISO27001 security controls to ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability
  • Onboarding of your container-based applications
  • Integration with your CI/CD Pipeline
  • We become your container operations team, removing the need to hire or rent Kubernetes consultants

Advantages of the Proact Managed Container Platform


A dedicated Kubernetes container platform for your organisation

Your company gets its own dedicated Kubernetes platform with dedicated logging, reporting, alarms and monitoring. Your development teams can develop applications without the need for your own operations team to manage, patch, update and secure the underlying container stack and its layers of complexity.


Fully tested and validated software stack

You don’t need to continuously test for interoperability. The environment is designed and kept up to date by Conoa’s experienced team of Kubernetes specialists.



With the Proact Managed Container Platform, you can scale according to your needs.


Dedicated environment to meet your performance and scalability needs

Dedicated hardware allows you to make full use of resources. Without any challenges of “noisy neighbours”, you can be sure that your environment and applications will run in a predictable and efficient manner.


Reduce staffing challenges

We will become your operations team for the container platform, removing the need for you to employ or hire Kubernetes specialists.


Fixed monthly cost

No bill shock means easier planning and allocation of your IT budget.

The Proact Managed Container Platform is ideal for organisations that:

  • Are looking for a Container as a Service platform that is developed and hosted in Sweden
  • Want to take advantage of the benefits of containers
  • Work according to a DevOps methodology and want to be a “cloud native company”
  • Want to start developing in a container environment as soon as possible
  • Lack the experience or resources to build, manage and monitor their own container environment
  • Want to be flexible in terms of where they deploy workloads
  • Want a certified Kubernetes product to ensure interoperability and flexibility
Certified container platform

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