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Build your private cloud

Enhance security, compliance and performance — by tailoring your cloud infrastructure to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

Why construct your private cloud?

Building a private cloud is often the best way to start benefitting from the flexibility and scalability of the cloud without compromising on control and security. This type of cloud model offers benefits for workloads requiring high security and performance combined with low latency and highly customisable possibilities — while still controlling costs and data location.

Private cloud is often the best way to better utilise your current on-premises infrastructure to build cloud-like functions and benefits for the organisation, thus maximising scalability, flexibility and ease of management.

Proact Hybrid Cloud

Maximise control and efficiency

Activate cost savings

Leverage your existing IT infrastructure investments and run the most cost-efficient infrastructure for your needs

Maintain compliance easily

Meet location, data privacy or security requirements specific to your industry

Improve performance

Support high-performance computing needs with a dedicated infrastructure

Strengthen security

Enable greater control over your sensitive data and applications through restricted access

Ease of management

Facilitate integration between the different layers of your IT infrastructure for a comprehensive overview of your estate

Access flexible hosting

We’ll help you run your private cloud on-premises or – if preferred – host it for you

How to start building your private cloud

Depending on your preferences and business needs, your organisation can opt for a managed or unmanaged, internal or hosted private cloud.

When deciding whether you want to build your solution on-premises or have it hosted, there are a few things to consider:


Do you want to manage the infrastructure yourself or have it managed by a service provider?


What hardware and software fits your requirements?


Do you have the necessary skills and expertise to design, deploy and maintain the environment?


How will you manage data privacy?


What scalability and flexibility do you need to accommodate future growth?

Provide your employees and end users with always-on access to your important data

What role does private cloud play in a hybrid cloud architecture?

Hybrid cloud combines on-premises infrastructure, private clouds (own or hosted) and/or public clouds. This combination allows organisations to meet their specific needs and requirements with the cloud and/or data centre mix that works best for their workloads.

In a hybrid cloud environment, private clouds often provide greater control and security, while public clouds often provide better scalability and flexibility.

Which type of private cloud is right for your business?



When you want to build your private cloud on your own IT assets, such as hardware and software.
When you want to enable your private cloud through an as-a-Service model — including hardware, software and maintenance.
When you need full control over the hardware and software used in your cloud.
Unmanaged: Use internal resources to ensure your cloud is available, secure and up to date
Managed: Free up resources by letting us handle maintenance, updates and security
When you want an SLA-based service, hosted in one of our secure data centres, with full management and maintenance.
When your private cloud must be fully customisable to meet highly unique and specific requirements that may change regularly.
When you want to use standard enterprise-class solutions with less bespoke options — from one of Proact’s tier 3, ISO 27001-certified data centres throughout Europe. All with guaranteed data location.
When you want to maximise ROI on purchased hardware.
When you want to avoid investing in additional hardware and want to free up internal resources for more value-adding projects.

Use case examples

If your organisation would like to maintain complete control over some or all of your applications, a private cloud is the ideal solution.

If data location of these applications is critical for your hosted private cloud, we offer enterprise-class data centres throughout Europe, located either close to you or wherever you prefer to ensure guaranteed data location.

Do you need more data centre resources, but don’t have the amount of space you need to expand? By moving to hosted private cloud, you can still have a dedicated infrastructure, but not have it take up any valuable “real-estate” within your offices or data centre space.

Optimise your hardware utilisation by reducing or eliminating the number of your data centres whilst simultaneously providing better scalability and flexibility to your users.

In doing so, your organisation can reduce the amount of space, power and cooling required to support your IT systems.

Since you determine where your private cloud is located and the infrastructure is dedicated to your organisation alone, you can be assured of a solid foundation in terms of security and compliance.

  • If your private cloud is hosted by us, it will be covered by Proact’s security expertise and experience. You can also easily combine it with our other security services like Backup as a Service for more complete coverage.
  • If you host it yourself, we’ll help you identify and implement the optimal security measures for your individual environment.
  • Pool and dynamically provision resources.
  • Encapsulate and move workloads between different hosts thanks to virtualisation — the main component of the transition from data centre to private cloud.
  • Automation tools help automate the workload migration process.
  • Self-service portals enable end-users to request the resources they need, simplifying the process of moving workloads.
  • Make your private cloud more reliable by letting us take a look at your on-premises infrastructure and fill any existing gaps.
  • Replicate data to a second site (your hybrid cloud) to ensure business continuity in the event of an attack or natural disaster.

Support AI workloads or high-performance computing needs by dedicating specific cloud resources for the project.

We’ll help you develop a customisable, scalable infrastructure with specialised hardware and networking capabilities, enabling faster processing and efficient resource utilisation. Or we’ll host this for you if preferred.

By opting for a managed solution (hosted either in your business or by us), your IT team can focus on business-relevant projects as opposed to managing and maintaining your organisation’s infrastructure.

We are often asked if we are running our own servers and where data is stored. We would not have the same sense of control if we went with the public cloud.”

Why choose Proact as your partner?

Private cloud is all about meeting your organisation’s individual requirements. That’s why we begin building it by assessing your existing IT infrastructure and identifying your unique requirements.

Our experienced team of cloud architects will work closely with you to implement and configure the private cloud infrastructure using the latest technologies and industry best practices whilst aligning these with your business needs.

Partnerships with leading technology vendors ensure that we can always prioritise the needs of our customers by providing multiple technology options.

With 30 years of experience and more than 4,000 satisfied customers, we have the knowledge and expertise to help guide our customers through the process of transitioning to a private cloud. Additionally, our capabilities within hybrid cloud solutions, which integrate private and public cloud services seamlessly in a hybrid cloud.

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Case study


A private cloud to drive growth and automation

Accounting services software provider Fortnox needed to scale its services quickly when its customers performed reports at the end of the fiscal year. The company also has high performance requirements for its servers. At the same time, their customers preferred that their data be stored within the EU.

Find out how Proact devised a solution that fulfilled these requirements.


Public cloud offers a full range of cloud resources (computing, storage, network) as well as orchestration tools to build your virtual data centre. It is a shared infrastructure and therefore highly scalable. Simplifying budget management, the solution is billed according to your actual usage or monthly commitment.

On the other hand, private cloud is a dedicated cloud solution which provides an additional level of isolation in comparison to other solutions: the servers that you use to deploy your solution are entirely your own, and no-one else has access. All resources are virtualised with VMware software, giving you (or your IT partner, should you choose a managed/hosted solution) control over the infrastructure.

Private cloud is ideally suited for companies seeking:
• Cost predictability
• Security
• Data sovereignty
• To accommodate legacy applications
• High performance and reliability
• High levels of customisation and control

No, a private cloud is a dedicated cloud solution for an organisation, but where this cloud is installed remains flexible. The location can therefore be either in your own data centre or in a service provider’s data centre.

Private and public cloud models have their own, unique benefits — but for the most part, businesses will get more use out of their own private cloud. This is because your private cloud is your “home base”, where you have what’s absolutely essential.

The public cloud is ideally suited for unpredictable workloads that require a high level of scalability. But since you share it with others, it’s less customisable than a private cloud which has been designed around your organisation’s specific needs.

The important thing to remember is that the correct private cloud platform will ease any eventual move to hybrid cloud. From there, you can start slowly moving resources between private and public clouds depending on what best suits your needs.

Private cloud is often referred to as the most secure cloud option. However, it has to be built that way from the beginning — and most importantly, managed and maintained securely.

This means updating, patching and performing management based on security best practices — if you’re responsible for your own private cloud. Alternatively, if your private cloud is hosted or managed, you can rely on the partner to maintain proper security measures.


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