Simplifying ransomware data protection and recovery for hybrid cloud environments”

Proact Baltics Webinar | ENGLISH

We are inviting you to join our organized webinar: “Simplifying ransomware data protection and recovery for hybrid cloud environments”


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–    HYCU introduction
–    HYCU technical introduction & demo

Having good prevention and detection capabilities are foundational elements of keeping your data safe. But it doesn’t stop there. With conservative projections that an attack happens every eleven seconds, it’s more a question of when, not if – and this includes your backup data. To complete your ransomware protection strategy, you need recovery capabilities that allow you to successfully respond to, mitigate and recover from an inevitable ransomware attack. An air-gapped and immutable recovery solution designed specifically for ransomware recovery can give your organization the peace of mind that it can get back to business cleanly, quickly, and easily.

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Lemeks backup on HYCU & ExaGrid

–    ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage

ExaGrid enables enterprises to implement and scale HYCU with a lower cost upfront and a lower cost over time using the ExaGrid Tiered Backup Storage approach. ExaGrid ensures a high-performance HYCU implementation with a scale-out growth model fast restores and fast backups that meet your backup needs.

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The webinar is in English.

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