Proact Hybrid Cloud (PHC)

What a cloud should be

Our vision

At Proact, our biggest priority is enabling you to drive innovation in your organisation through IT. How do we do this? By unlocking the power of data and its tremendous potential to bring your business forward. For this reason, we have developed a cloud that simplifies your environment so you can spend less time maintaining your IT infrastructure — and focus more on what you do best.

The optimal cloud experience

Just how did we go about creating a cloud that simplifies your environment to drive innovation? We put our more than 20 years of gathered expertise to use and developed the best security measures and most desirable features. The result? A fully scalable IaaS offering which makes it possible to easily and quickly provision applications, services, workload and VMs.

PHC’s technical advantages

We’ve built PHC on enterprise technology from world-leading partners such as VMware (Cloud Director) that you know and trust.

In terms of security, your data will only be stored in Tier 3, ISO 27001-certified data centres. You can also depend on the firewalls, two-factor authentication and security patches we have integrated into the platform.

PHC enables easy connection to public clouds as well as your on-premises infrastructure. By selecting the most suitable cloud for each of your workloads, you can unlock the advantages of multicloud and the benefits of performance where you need it most.

Easy to use

To demonstrate just how simple it is to use PHC, we’ve created a series of demo videos with Chief Technologist Christian Mohn. Check them out to learn about the login process, creating and managing virtual machines, connecting to the public cloud and more.

Why Proact?

We believe there is a multitude of reasons why customers choose Proact to help them accelerate their journey to the cloud. Because of our long record of applying our expertise to create premium solutions, we are a known and trusted partner by many.

We manage a large amount of data for over 4,000 customers across Europe. We started out in 1994 as storage specialists and today help organisations to store, connect, protect, secure and drive value through their data.

We think with our customers will benefit from consuming their cloud resources from the people who are providing the services around those resources, rather than dealing with a third party who is managing resources from one of the big hyperscalers.

We are convinced this will help customers get the very best – and most personal – service required to get the most from their IT.