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Proact Hybrid Cloud (PHC)

Focus more on what you do best — by outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure.

Drive business value through IT

Fulfil compliance regulations

Local PHC data centers are available in several European countries, ensuring you can adhere to data sovereignty and location requirements.

Improve cost predictability

Only pay for what you consume: PHC is charged according to compute and storage resource consumption.

Unlock hybrid cloud

PHC supports hybrid cloud strategies by providing the ability to manage and control multiple private and public clouds as well as connect with on-premises data centres.

Unburden IT resources

Let Proact's skilled engineers manage the infrastructure whilst your team focuses on more strategic projects that bring the business forward.

Maximise the full potential of hybrid cloud

Proact Hybrid Cloud (PHC) enables easy connection to public clouds as well as your on-premises infrastructure. By selecting the most suitable cloud for each of your workloads, you can unlock hybrid cloud and benefit from performance where you need it most.

The platform is built on enterprise technology from world-leading partners that you know and trust, such as VMware.

PHC has been developed with security in mind: Your data will only be stored in Tier 3, ISO 27001-certified data centres. You can also depend on the firewalls, two-factor authentication and security patches we have integrated into the platform.

The people behind the solution

At Proact, our biggest priority is enabling you to drive value through IT.

To fulfil this mission, we collaborated with industry experts (our Proactivists), technology vendors and customers throughout Europe to create a platform offering top-notch security measures and customer-centric features.

The result? A fully scalable cloud infrastructure offering which makes it possible to easily and quickly provision applications, services, workload and VMs – PHC.

Ready to drive business value with PHC?

Powerful and easy to use


PHC comes with our built-in backup service “PHC Backup”. This provides a backup portal you can use to back up your VMs in secure off-site storage.
If you’d like a fully managed backup solution, take a look at our Backup as a Service options.

Yes. PHC provides a common platform across your data centre to multiple clouds. The result is that you can write, deploy and manage applications in multiple clouds in exactly the same way as you do currently. No changes are required to run your existing applications in the cloud and there are no new tools or processes to learn.

You can look at PHC as an additional data centre, just as if you built it yourself. PHC provides network connectivity using either router L3 networks or stretch L2 networks. It can also be used as a secondary data centre as well as for load balancing between on-premises and PHC workloads.

PHC is built on infrastructure designed for high availability. These technologies enable the migration of live workloads and/or automatically restart virtual machines in the event of host maintenance or unexpected issues, as well as maintaining a consistent level of high performance across hosts.


The work of our IT experts was characterised by a permanent overload. Today, on the other hand, they can take care of the value-adding tasks and are happy that all infrastructure issues have been outsourced."


one of our specialists

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