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Proact is the winner in this year’s major customer survey of the Swedish IT market

In Radar’s customer survey Supplier Quality 2020/21, Proact tops the list of suppliers of consulting services as well as IT infrastructure and operations. The fact that customer confidence has been strengthened during the pandemic is also confirmed by a new customer satisfaction survey where Proact improves its already high numbers

The independent analysis company Radar’s Supplier Quality report measures quality and value creation in the relationship between customers and suppliers in the Swedish IT industry. In the new survey, IT decision-makers in more than 1,000 Swedish operations participated in assessing their suppliers during 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

Radar states that the Corona pandemic has strained relations between customers and suppliers. This is reflected in a generally declining customer satisfaction compared with 2019. However, Proact is going against the flow and now tops the list among all providers of consulting services. Proact is also on the top-5 list for another of the four areas included in the report: infrastructure and operations.

“It is of course gratifying to have confirmation that confidence in Proact has been strengthened during a trying time in our society. That customers trust us, I think, is at least as much about what we really stand for as how we acted during the pandemic. Proact has always emphasized the importance of long-term relationships and that we should be close to the customer. These are core values that may seem obvious, but in difficult times it becomes clearer what is behind the words,” says Lena Eskilsson, Managing Director, Proact IT Sweden AB.

In its comments about the survey, Radar mentions that the focus on costs in the wake of the pandemic has contributed to declining customer satisfaction. Relatively speaking, local and regional suppliers have succeeded better than international suppliers.

“The result in Radar Supplier Quality 2020/21 shows that when customer intimacy, partnership and value are in focus, there are major changes in the relationship between customer and supplier. Compliance, understanding and closeness to the customer have been rewarded when customers have been forced to focus on costs and profitability,” says Hans Werner, CEO of Radar.

On behalf of Proact, and independent of the Supplier Quality report, Radar has also conducted a detailed annual customer satisfaction survey since 2019. Here, Proact has always been above the industry average and rises further in the new survey for 2021. Proact now has a total customer satisfaction of 4.8 (out of possible 5) in both the areas studied, infrastructure and operations and consultants and resources.

For further information, please contact:
Jonas Hasselberg, CEO & President, Proact IT Group AB, tel. +46 722 13 55 56,
Danny Duggal, VP Commerical & Communications, Proact IT Group AB, tel. +46 733 566 843,


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