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Proact K8s Academy 2023


Proact is a leading European data and information management company specializing in cloud services, data center solutions and consulting. By providing flexible and affordable IT solutions and services, we help companies reduce risks and costs, increasing their productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.
We have accumulated experience and reputation for more than 20 years, providing quality and reliable services to our customers.

Together with Conoa (the Proact company), we help companies on their way to Cloud-Native, container technologies, as well as Kubernetes, both by providing certified training and professional assistance and services.
Conoa is both a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) and a Kubernetes Training Partner (KTP). Together with our technology partners, we offer an ecosystem of solutions to help you create a modern, secure and efficient software development and innovation (CI/CD) environment.

In this event, we invite you to learn more about Kubernetes, starting with our colleague, certified K8s instructor Kenneth Albinsson, and then with our partners, Hitachi Vantara, Prisma Cloud and Cohesity. And in the end, our colleague Victor Kramer will demonstrate the capabilities of Hitachi CyberVR.

Date: 2023-MAY-10

Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Event type: Hybrid – physical event in Riga with the online stream.

K8 Academy 2023 Agenda:

10:00 – 1 – Succeed with KubernetesKenneth Albinsson, Conoa (Proact)
Kenneth Albinsson will present an introduction to Kubernetes and containers, what is the history behind it and how companies are looking forward with this kind of technology. Kenneth is CTO and co-founder at Conoa (acquired by Proact), which helps companies modernise IT infrastructure with a focus on cloud-native, Kubernetes, and container technologies, also Kenneth is a certified K8s instructor.

11:00 – 2 – Using RH Openshift, VMware Tanzu, and now SUSE Rancher, Hitachi Vantara delivers a deep Cloud-Native Application IntegrationTony Franck, Hitachi Vantara
Learn about the wide set of use-cases, solutions and integrations available for your Cloud-Native applications with Persistent Storage. Learn how to get more speed, enhance data-protection, and achieve higher availability for your Kubernetes
clusters running locally, virtualized, across datacenters or in hybrid- or multi-cloud.

12:00 –  3 – Prisma Cloud – security from code to cloudMarius Holmsen, Prisma Cloud from Palo Alto Networks

As customers move towards the cloud, and deploy cloud native applications, there is a need for a need approach to security. With microservices, containers and serverless functions the traditional security solutions can no longer provide visibility or enforce security policies. Prisma Cloud from Palo Alto Networks provides visibility to these new workloads, and also automates the interaction between developers and security engineers to ensure we can provide security into the development phase.

13:00 Break 

14:00 – 4 – Cohesity DataHawk: Supercharging Your Cyber ResiliencyFrank Brix Pedersen,  Cohesity
Cohesity DataHawk is a comprehensive data security solution that helps organizations protect, detect, and recover from cyberattacks. The presentation highlights the challenges organizations face when a cyberattack occurs, such as detecting emerging attacks, understanding the impact of an attack, and recovering quickly and with confidence. DataHawk addresses these challenges with several key product capabilities, including simplified threat intelligence, highly accurate data classification, SaaS-based cyber vaulting, user behavior analysis, and SOC integration. The presentation explains how DataHawk helps organizations better protect, detect, and recover from ransomware and cyberattacks by providing additional resiliency, intelligent threat protection, and cloud-based recovery with FortKnox. The presentation emphasizes the urgent need for a comprehensive data security solution like Cohesity DataHawk in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

15:00 – 5 – CyberVR – what kind of problems it solves, what it does, use cases, demo Victor Kramer, Proact IT Latvia

CyberVR creates fully functional copies of production systems in just a matter of minutes, without the need for additional infrastructure. These thin #DigitalTwins are automatically instrumented and made easily accessible for interactive manipulation by multi-disciplinary teams, allowing them to optimize workflows, validate change management procedures, test #recoverability of servers and applications, and collect evidence of #cybersecurity capabilities or weaknesses.

With CyberVR, you can conduct full-scale isolated and extremely realistic testing, providing you with a first-in-technology risk mitigation solution. Plus, with its advanced security features and continuous testing capabilities, you can rest assured that your systems are protected from cyber threats at all times.

All presentations will be in English.

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