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When is public cloud the best option?

Public cloud can be an excellent choice for your business if you’re looking to expand your operations and take advantage of the latest computing resources. Here are some key opportunities presented by public cloud:

But not all public clouds are the same. Depending on your organisation’s needs, your public cloud strategy may include different models, as defined in the graphic:

when public cloud is the best option

Smooth migration and efficient management

Simplify infrastructure management

Boost efficiency with a centralised platform for automation, monitoring and orchestration

Reduce overall IT costs

Eliminate the need for expensive in-house hardware and maintenance by adopting a pay-as-you-go model

Keep up with changing business demands

Easily scale to accommodate fluctuating needs and the integration of new technologies

Increase data security and regulatory compliance

Instil confidence in customers and stakeholders through robust encryption and security measures

Maximise your public cloud ROI with Proact

Automated management and implementation

Automated management and implementation

We’ll help you simplify IT management and implementation by automating routine tasks and processes.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

We recognise the importance of compatibility with existing infrastructures, which is why our public cloud solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with your current environment.



Whether you require more storage, processing power or additional services, our solution can scale to accommodate your demands quickly.

Expert support

Expert support

Our team of experienced professionals is available around the clock to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise during implementation or ongoing operations.

Proactive maintenance and monitoring

Proactive maintenance and monitoring

We identify and address potential issues early on, ensuring optimal performance and preventing disruptions.

Data encryption and security

Data encryption and security

Rest assured that your data is protected and adheres to industry standards and regulatory requirements. We employ advanced encryption techniques and sophisticated security practices to keep your information safe from cyberthreats.

Adaptive innovation and resource allocation

By continually evaluating your needs as your business evolves, we strategically optimise your cloud infrastructure to support your current and future goals. This helps your organisation stay competitive, streamline operations and capitalise on new opportunities.

What role does public cloud play in a hybrid cloud architecture?

Serving as an ideal complement to your private cloud and/or on-premises infrastructure, public cloud provides additional resources and scalability options to handle peak workloads and surges in demand.

Public cloud also enables your businesses to take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and services that may not be available in the other components of your environment.

By using public cloud services for non-sensitive workloads, your organisation can cut costs while keeping your sensitive data and critical applications on-premises or in a private cloud. With this setup, you’re now equipped with a flexible and efficient hybrid cloud solution that meets your specific business needs.

Proact Hybrid Cloud

Use case examples

Public cloud provides an ideal environment for hosting web and mobile applications, as it offers the flexibility and scalability needed to handle the traffic demands of these workloads.

Public cloud storage provides a cost-effective solution for data storage and backup, with the ability to easily scale storage capacity as needed.

Providing a flexible and agile environment for software development and testing, public cloud allows developers to quickly spin up and tear down resources as needed.

When used as a disaster recovery solution, public cloud provides a reliable and redundant backup environment in case of a disaster or outage in the primary data centre.

Public cloud provides the processing power and scalability needed to process and analyse large data sets, making it an ideal solution for big data and analytics workloads.

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Why choose Proact as your public cloud partner?

Many organisations are convinced of the benefits and opportunities brought about by migrating to the public cloud. And while it may be tempting to explore this new technology on your own, this can become a complex and expensive process if your organisation lacks the necessary expertise.

For long-term success in the public cloud, implementation and support are crucial.

Our public cloud implementation and support process consists of the following phases

Preparation and planning:

We analyse your IT infrastructure, processes and requirements. Then, we determine the ideal mix of on-premises, private and public cloud for your business. Finally, we’ll establish an implementation plan with a timeline and assigned responsibilities.

Migration and integration:

Our team of expert technicians and consultants works closely with you to guide the migration. We ensure seamless integration with existing applications and processes, minimise downtime and provide a smooth transition for end users.

Training and knowledge transfer:

We offer extensive training and knowledge transfer to the IT department and end users, so you get the most out of your solution.

Ongoing support and optimisation:

After implementation, we provide continuous support and maintenance to ensure your public cloud solution performs optimally and remains aligned with your changing needs. Our dedicated support team is always available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues and provide advice on best practices and optimisation.

Periodic evaluations and improvements:

We conduct regular evaluations to measure the performance of our public cloud solution and identify areas for improvement. Based on these evaluations, we propose recommendations and collaborate with you to make any necessary changes to further optimise your IT infrastructure and adapt to the changing market.

Proact are the best, technically competent partner I’ve worked with and they know how to engage at all levels of an organisation."

Case study

Lewisham and Greenwich Logo - Proact customer

Adapting to change

Following the start of the pandemic, it became vital that Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust were able to rapidly upscale their environment, whilst ensuring a sustainable remote work service to all their end users through a cost-effective solution that mobilised their community workforce. Evolving their existing Azure infrastructure, the Trust adopted a Microsoft AVD solution, alongside NetApp files to ensure they were working with a robust solution that had the flexibility to scale at speed, as Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust continues to expand


Migrating to public cloud can be time-consuming, as it requires careful planning and coordination between different teams. Furthermore, it’s important to keep in mind that data migration is only part of the story: Application compatibility and security considerations play a considerable role as well.

This can be a challenging task for your IT team to take on by itself. We recommend working with a partner who – while taking your organisation’s individual requirements into consideration – has carried out of migrations and knows how to carry out this process the most efficiently.

Public cloud management tools such as AWS Management Console, Azure Portal Google Cloud Console provide a centralised platform to manage infrastructure, monitor performance and automate workflows.

To make the management component even easier, our public cloud solution streamlines IT management and implementation by automating routine tasks and processes. This enables your team to allocate their time and resources towards more strategic and value-adding activities, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.

And for the management tasks that can’t be automated, we offer extensive training and knowledge transfer to the IT department and end-users — including hands-on workshops, manuals and online resources.

Public cloud providers commonly implement measures such as network security, data encryption, identity and access management as well as compliance certifications to protect user data.

However, public cloud operates on the “Shared responsibility model”. This means that the public cloud provider secures their own cloud (e.g. they will ensure the physical security of their data centre(s)), although the exact components which the cloud provider protects varies depending on the provider. In contrast, whatever customers run or store within the cloud is their responsibility. Therefore, endpoint protection, network security, access management and data accountability all need to be managed by the customer.

If ensuring the security of your organisation’s responsibility within the public cloud seems daunting, reach out to a partner who has established processes and best practices. Our public cloud solution includes robust data encryption, multi-factor authentication and regular security updates to ensure your sensitive information is well-protected. Furthermore, our team of experts maintains a vigilant watch for potential threats and takes prompt action to mitigate them — so your company and your customers can rest assured knowing their data is well-protected.

The cost of public cloud varies based on usage and storage network bandwidth, and can be estimated using cloud provider calculators.

While these calculators are a good start, they are not able to deliver the accurate figures that can be provided by a local partner who can look at your existing infrastructure and identify components which could be leveraged in a less expensive way through public cloud resources.

Other factors to consider include reserved instances, discounts and operational costs such as monitoring and management. We’ll help you make sense of these and – when implemented together with the measures above – provide you with a realistic estimate of what public cloud will cost your organisation.

Compliance requirements can be addressed by choosing a cloud provider that has certifications and complies with relevant regulations such as GDPR. We are happy to assist you in doing so.


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