Is there a skills gap in your defences? Close it with advice, solutions and services from an experienced team

Emails with risky content are so well made today that it’s often difficult to identify them. Once opened they can do a lot of damage. This risk was too great so we wanted to expand our security strategy to include email sandboxing. We also wanted to give our users a sense of security at work.”

Geis Group
Complementing your own IT team, our security operations centre (SOC) offers 24’7 access to our knowledgeable security professionals. They use cutting-edge technology and cyber intelligence to offer comprehensive managed security services that help your organisation protect one of its most important assets – its data.
Our security services are designed to be hassle-free and cost-effective, eliminating the large amounts of capital investment involved in setting up an in-house SOC function. And, because we understand the rapidly-evolving security marketplace, we can simplify the process of choosing the right products and solutions.
Security operations must go beyond business hours. That’s why our SOC operates 24/7. We can continuously monitor your security log data and help you understand what’s relevant, what takes priority, and what you need to do if there’s an incident.

Here for you, 24/7

Cyber criminals will deliberately work out-of-hours to make sure that they avoid people who are paid to investigate 9-5. There’s a limited timeframe you have to mitigate what’s happening. The longer someone has on your network, then the greater the risk. That’s why it’s important to have people who can detect breaches as they happen. Our SOC features a team of cyber security experts who look for anomalies round-the-clock. We help mitigate attacks, help our customers understand the impact to their business and provide advice on how to respond.

Some of the benefits of our security services

Experienced team

We’ve been delivering secure IT solutions for over 25 years and managed security services for over a decade

Round-the-clock protection

Our SOC (security operations centre) team works 24/7 to combat the threat from out-of-hours attacks

Wider skills

Our skills span data centres & cloud – and include storage, backup and networking

How we transform IT


We know the market so we can help you choose the right hardware, before working with some of the most renowned providers to deliver it

Support and management

We can support & manage your existing hardware or services, removing the burden from your IT team & ensuring excellence with 24/7 expert attention

As a service

We design & deliver managed services wherever they’re needed – your data centre, ours, private/public/hybrid cloud – providing maximum flexibility & agility

Example security services

Security-related resources


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