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Proact support is always close by and we operate 24/7

Service portal

Your main point of contact is through our Service Portal. It allows you to report incidents, raise requests, and make changes using forms designed for your specific services. You can also request general assistance or information, search our knowledge base, and view and report on existing cases.

Instructions for how to get access to the service portal.

Service Desk

If your enquiry is urgent, we recommend that you always call us—especially if you have a Priority 1 incident or if you wish to escalate a case.

Contact information for the local Service Desk in each Proact country is available below.

Emergency Incident Response

In collaboration with Arctic Wolf, Proact offers a comprehensive Incident Response service.

Click the button below to fill out a form and be contacted as soon as possible.

The sooner we receive information, the faster our team can help you stop the attack, take control of the situation, and restore order.

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