Employees and wider workforce

Proact always strives to operate in compliance with legislation relating to health, safety and the environment and directives and standards in the industry. Proact operates in compliance with applicable laws and industry standards with regard to working hours and working conditions for our staff.

Proact ensures that people with the same qualifications are given the same employment terms and opportunities without diction or discrimination on the basis of age, ethnicity, religion, gender or disability. We promote diversity in the workplace, and initiatives for achieving this include striving to achieve good gender distribution between final candidates during recruitment procedures.

Our Code of Conduct and policies in our Company handbook sets out our standards for business ethics with regards to no anti-competitive behaviors, anti-bribes, anti-corruption and conflict of interests.

We tolerate no forms of contemporary slavery, human trafficking or breaches of human rights in either the business or the supply chain.

This is underpinned by the fact that business unit officers and country managers sign Proact’s Code of Conduct, which include the Group’s financial policy. These instructions are also communicated locally to all employees, and also during the introduction period when employees are appointed. Staff appraisals and other initiatives are used to confirm compliance with these instructions.

Our whistleblower policy provides all employees with information on how suspected deviations from the Code of Conduct are to be reported. All must report, without delay, any known breaches of the Code of Conduct or any concerns they may have with regard to breaches as specified in the policy. Proact will examine any such reports and fears in depth as a matter of urgency. Anyone reporting such fears in good faith will be protected by Proact from all forms of reprisal. The whistleblower policy is part of the Code of Conduct communicated to all staff.

Community engagement

We have the view that community engagement of all sorts is good for society. Every idea how Proact can improve engagement and initiatives how to support and bring value to the communities where Proact operates are welcome and supported.


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