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Storage solutions

Provide employees and customers seamless access to your organisation’s IT — through storage solutions that adapt alongside your business requirements.

Drive your business forward

Improve performance

Increase scalability, speed, data management and data protection whilst reducing downtime.

Ensure seamless integration

Rely on our proven methods that enable smooth integration into your existing IT environment.

Secure legal and physical location

Fulfil compliance requirements with solutions that store your data in your chosen location.

Drive cost efficiency

Reduce overhead costs, improve storage efficiency and enable more effective data management.

Bespoke storage, designed around your business objectives

Where does your business want to be in three years? How can your foundational IT infrastructure make this possible?

We recognise that as IT’s importance to the business growth, storage must deliver more than ever before. Not only is it crucial for your end users’ productivity — it’s the starting point to drive digital transformation, as well as begin reaping the benefits of automation, analytics and AI.

We always begin by understanding your organisation’s requirements, challenges and business opportunities. Based on this, we can help you architect the best solution to realise your business goals.

Provide your employees and end users with always-on access to your important data

Enable business flexibility with hybrid cloud storage

Your organisation is unique. You have individual goals you want to achieve, but sometimes your IT requirements conflict with the potential for growth.

For example, easy scalability may be difficult to align with compliance regulations, or a reduction in hardware with legacy workloads.

With us, you can opt to have your storage on-premises, as a managed cloud service, in the public cloud or as a combination of them all in a hybrid cloud solution.

Watch the video to see how you can drive value with hybrid cloud.

Why Proact?

We understand that uncertainty and a fast-changing tech landscape makes it hard to plan ahead. Our skilled specialists can help you plan what data to store where and assist in choosing among all the different technologies out there.

We deliver agile, flexible storage solutions. So you can continue to store and move your data between tiers, clouds and storage systems — no matter what the future brings.

Our storage solutions

IT strategy and roadmap consulting

Technology health checks

Architectural solution / service design

Implementation and migration services

IT team training services

SPOC vendor support

Proactive monitoring services

24/7 Proact Premium Support

Service Management

Private cloud storage (customer data centre)

Private cloud storage (Proact hosted)

Shared cloud storage (Proact hosted)

Public cloud storage (Azure, AWS)

All of the data was migrated on-line in just a matter of days, with no discernible impact on business operations. Following the migration, users experienced a dramatic improvement in performance."

Access world-class storage technology with our vendor ecosystem ​

Regardless of your storage preferences, you’ll always receive advice and solutions tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, thanks to our wide network of partnerships with top vendors.​

Leverage the expertise of Europe's top market specialists

Regardless of where you are, partnering with us means access to top-rated skills from all over Europe within minutes.

So whether you’d like to talk to a specialist for security, public cloud, networking, database, or another specific technology  — there is always an expert close by to help your business achieve its goals.

Achieve peace of mind with our support and Service Management​

Our Service Management offering enables your organisation to adopt new technology without having to invest in new skills. Instead of managing infrastructure, your IT department can thus focus on adding value to your organisation in other ways. This offering includes:

Proact Storage brochure front cover mockup

The work of our IT experts was characterised by a permanent overload. Today, on the other hand, they can take care of the value-adding tasks and are happy that all infrastructure issues have been outsourced."


one of our specialists

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