With Proact you know exactly where your data is

Our new storage platform, delivered and implemented by Proact, offers many advantages, such as significantly improved performance, with a high deduplication and compression ratio, and better monitoring and management interfaces.”

Floris Nackaerts

IT Manager, Hansen Industrial Transmissions

We work in a relatively small team, which means it could be difficult to reach the people you need when something very specific stops working. In these cases, we can always turn to Proact. In fact, when we contact them, they’re usually already working on a solution. I appreciate their proactivity and would recommend them to others.”

Ismail Altintas

Team Manager, Telecom Network & Security , Vitens

Thanks to our expertise and our partnerships with the most innovative and renowned storage providers, we help your organisation find the right storage solution. We’ll guide you towards one that could be in your data centre, ours, the public cloud, or a hybrid combination. We’ll also provide all the ongoing support or management you need, to ensure your storage solution stays stable and available, day in, day out.
Having helped organisations meet their storage needs for nearly 30 years, we are well-recognised in the market as one of Europe’s leading storage solutions specialists. Today, we work with some of the most renowned vendors in the industry to help our customers store their data – regardless of whether that data is on-premises, in a private cloud, in the public cloud or in a combination of them all. With Proact, you know exactly where you data is and who has access to it, so you don’t have to worry about security or data sovereignty.

Some of the benefits of our strategic consulting services


We can store and protect your data in your data centre, ours, the public cloud or a hybrid combination


Data is at the heart of your business. Protecting it is at the heart of ours, wherever it is


We help you choose the right storage solution at the right price

How we transform IT


We know the market so we can help you choose the right hardware, before working with some of the most renowned providers to deliver it

Support and management

We can support & manage your existing hardware or services, removing the burden from your IT team & ensuring excellence with 24/7 expert attention

As a service

We design & deliver managed services wherever they’re needed – your data centre, ours, private/public/hybrid cloud – providing maximum flexibility & agility

Example storage services

Storage-related resources

Let’s talk data – AI

Welcome to Proact´s new talkshow – Let´s talk data!
In this program series, we touch on current topics and discuss with guests in the studio. The talk show is in Swedish.


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