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Strategy agenda

Proact has a clear strategy agenda for growth, well aligned with our financial goals…

Strategic goals and focus areas

Proact’s strategy is continuing to focus on reinforcing the company’s position as a sustainable provider of hybrid cloud services.

Helping customers to store, protect and drive business value from data is at the heart of this strategy.
The company works with five strategic focus areas in order to achieve set growth and profitability targets.

Long-term financial targets

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Debt levels
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Return on capital employed
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Strategic focus areas

Broaden our market position

Our offering, geographical spread, expertise and strong partner relations provide us with good opportunities to further strengthen our market position as a sustainable and secure provider of hybrid cloud services. In strategic partnerships, we assist our customers in their efforts to digitalise, create efficiency and flexibility, and secure their data.


We will continue developing our portfolio in both data centres and hybrid cloud services through interaction with our partners and customers. We perceive major opportunities in value-added services on top of the public cloud with our specialist expertise and consultancy in areas such as hybrid cloud services through close collaboration with our partners and customers, Kubernetes architecture, data management and AI solutions.


We aim to maximise cost efficiency in our delivery hubs through standardised processes and data-driven decision-making. Automation and coordination of programmes also ensure fast and accurate delivery. Our commitment to continuous improvement keeps us at the forefront, creating a dynamic organisation that is adapted to the demands of the market.


Our employees and our culture are at the very heart of our corporate strategy. Our core values and commitment to diversity permeate our corporate culture. We believe in the future through our staff, driven by talent, commitment and strong leadership. Proact endeavours to be an attractive employer for both current and future employees.


The emphasis remains on accelerating our strategic agenda with company acquisitions in order to further strengthen hybrid cloud competences and increase market share.


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