All the help that you need, from an experienced IT partner you can trust

Service Management from Proact gives us complete peace of mind. They’re constantly monitoring, analysing and improving. And should anything go wrong, we have the best help available to get things sorted as quickly as possible.”

IT operations director

We chose Proact Monitoring as a Service because we know that everything is being monitored and we’ll get the instant support we need when things go wrong.”

IT operations director

Proact undertook a comprehensive review of our storage and backup infrastructure and looked to improve on our current environment in every way. The solution has given us greatly improved performance and capacity, providing us with a sound foundation for future growth and simplified management.

Mark Balcombe

Associate Director of Operations, Bell and Clements

Our support services

As organisations prioritise IT to support innovation, development and growth, many IT environments are getting more complex and most often involve technology from multiple vendors. We’ve developed our support services to ensure strong business continuity and to simplify processes following an incident affecting your environment. With a single point of contact, you can rest assured that your case will be handled and solved as quickly as possible.

Why Proact?

Since 1994, we have delivered our award-winning support to our customers and we understand that every organisation has different capabilities and amount of resources to allocate in case of an incident. And that’s why we offer three levels of IT support, all the way up to a fully-managed option that sees us take responsibility for solving issues and for performing important tasks that ensure your environment is secure and efficient.

What support do we offer?

We offer three levels of support. With Premium Support, when something goes wrong, one of our 24/7 help desk team will act as a single point of contact to provide you with all the information you need to fix your problem. In 95% of cases, our knowledge is good enough. In the remaining 5% of cases, we will contact and coordinate vendors on your behalf, saving you precious time. You can also add one or both of two further support services: Monitoring as a Service and Service Management. (Find out more about these at the bottom of this page.) 

Some of the benefits of our support services

Specialist knowledge

Save money on training and recruitment. Always have access to certified specialists with the relevant expertise

24/7 support

With automatic alerts and qualified support available round-the-clock, depending on the level of support

Forward thinking

Our commitment extends beyond daily operation and problem-solving. We help you optimise your resources to avoid capacity problems and plan for change

How we transform IT


We know the market so we can help you choose the right hardware, before working with some of the most renowned providers to deliver it

Support and management

We can support & manage your existing hardware or services, removing the burden from your IT team & ensuring excellence with 24/7 expert attention

As a service

We design & deliver managed services wherever they’re needed – your data centre, ours, private/public/hybrid cloud – providing maximum flexibility & agility

Example support services

Premium Support

Premium Support

Specialists on our 24/7 help desk will help fix your problem as fast as possible, contacting (multiple) vendors on your behalf if they need to, saving your team precious time when it comes to solving issues.

Monitoring as a Service

Monitoring as a Service

Add proactive monitoring, where we monitor your environment and notify you when there’s a problem. This means that we can help you start fixing the problem right away.

Service Management

Service Management

Add incident resolution, plus change & release management to keep your IT environment performing at its very best, and leaving your IT team free.

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