NetApp & Proact Lietuva seminar: Tech updates

Seminar (LITHUANIAN) Kviečiame išgirsti NetApp naujienas ir pokyčius duomenų saugyklų rinkoje. Metas po virtualių renginių susitikti gyvai ir aptarti atsinaujinusias NetApp technologijas bei išgirsti vertingų įžvalgų apie saugyklų rinką.  Išgirsite, ką reikia žinoti apie hibridinį debesį, konverguotą infrastruktūrą, apie duomenų valdymo ir apsaugos nuo išpirkos (ransomware) sprendimus, skirtus NetApp technologijų naudotojams. Donatas iš Arrow pristatys universalią NetApp […]

Proact K8s Academy Event

PAST EVENT STREAM (English) Organized by Proact IT Latvia on June 8 Proact is Europe’s leading specialist in data and information management with a focus on cloud services and data centre solutions. With the recent acquisition of Conoa, we are helping companies on their journey to Cloud-Native, container technologies, and Kubernetes, by delivering certified training […]

Zero Trust Cyber Security with Rubrik & Proact

Webinar (ENGLISH) 8 March 2022 being is they honestly didn’t have adequate plans in place. And it’s not totally their fault. The ransomware attacks of today are far more sophisticated. This means you need an equally sophisticated, yet easy-to-implement plan in place to survive and recover. In our webinar, learn how the Rubrik zero trust […]


Proact offer a broad range of Fujitsu products, services and solutions


HYCU logo 2022

HYCU Inc., is making the world a safer place with its purpose-built Data Protection as a Service(DPaaS) platform that makes it simple to move data freely, easily and safely without the burden ofmanaging and scaling infrastructure.


Proact and F5 offer robust multi-cloud application security and delivery technology

Webinar: Worry-free IT with SD-WAN

SD-WAN webinar

Thinking about SD-WAN? Are your WAN contracts up for renewal? If so, there’s no better time to transition than 2021. Watch our on-demand webinar to find out more about SD-WAN and how it can transform your business.


Proact helps meet data’s growing needs, improving speed and performance ERGO is one of the leading insurance companies in Lithuania offering non-life, life and health insurance. Challenge ERGO was planning a transition to digitalisation and paperless technologies, and was looking for a solution to ensure document authenticity and long-term retention. Another challenge was the integration […]