Proact K8s Academy 2023

Proact L8s Academy 2023

EVENT STREAM | ENGLISH Proact is a leading European data and information management company specializing in cloud services, data center solutions and consulting. By providing


HYCU logo 2022

HYCU Inc., is making the world a safer place with its purpose-built Data Protection as a Service(DPaaS) platform that makes it simple to move data


Latvenergo koncerns kopš 1939. gada ir viens no vadošajiem enerģijas tirgotājiem un videi draudzīgākajiem ražotājiem Baltijas valstīs. Sākot sadarbību ar Latvenergo 2013. gadā, Proact pierādīja

Webinar: Worry-free IT with SD-WAN

SD-WAN webinar

Thinking about SD-WAN? Are your WAN contracts up for renewal? If so, there’s no better time to transition than 2021. Watch our on-demand webinar to find out more about SD-WAN and how it can transform your business.

CSC Telecom

Infrastructure as a service allows CSC Telecom freedom and ability to meet the ever-changing requirements of the organisation Infrastructure as a service allows CSC Telecom

Next Generation Data Managment

Could you be a target for ransomware threats? In this webinar we cover the ecosystem of ransomware and how you can mitigate against threats.


Together with Quantum, Proact create rock-solid solutions for today’s most demanding environments.


Proact offers ExaGrid’s next generation secondary storage for faster and more reliable backups.


IBM and Proact offer to customers efficient and innovative long-term solutions.

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