Understanding threat sources

This whitepaper from Proact offers best practices for using SIEM to identify, track & respond to malicious actors in your network.

Optimise SIEM for robust cyber security

Companies are getting serious about data. Across all aspects of business operations, the need for rigorous data analysis is central to optimising decision-making. The world of cyber security is no different. The industry has evolved to a stage where organisations are now focusing on capturing vast intelligence.

In this whitepaper we focus in on one of the most popular security intelligence tools: Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). We look at how SIEM can be used to collect, analysis and act on security data, and how your organisation can overcome resource challenges in order to use it most effectively for your security operations.

What you’ll learn

  • Collecting data – How to simplify collection processes & gain a broad perspective
  • Analysis – Ways to conduct rigorous analysis of what data sources have uncovered,
  • Taking action – Act confidently with skilled security experts at your disposal


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