Virtual coffee session with Cetus Solutions (English)

Tuesday 2 March 2021

2.00 – 2.45pm GMT

Join Cetus on Tuesday 2 March for their last Virtual coffee in the four-part series on digital workspace solutions.

Virtual coffee is Cetus’ interactive live-stream series providing topical, thought leadership content featuring workspace and hybrid cloud experts.


What we’ll cover

In this episode, you’ll explore what it takes to deliver a secure workspace environment that doesn’t sacrifice user experience OR IT management capability.

Building a safe workspace without cumbersome security layers is critical to enabling users to be their creative, productive selves.

Applying consistent security policies and enabling unified security management across a wide-range of apps and platforms is equally as important.

We’ll cover some of the technologies that enable you to achieve both of those objectives.


What you’ll learn

Join the session to learn about:

  • Adopting a zero-trust model
  • Moving away from VPN’s
  • Email, web & device protection in the workspace
  • Securely delivering SaaS apps alongside traditional and cloud apps
  • Balancing security and access
  • Using AI & machine learning for security analytics and identifying abnormal user behaviours

Cetus’ virtual coffee series will appeal to senior IT decision professionals including CTOs, Heads of IT and IT architects.


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