Ystad municipality


Growing town rebuilds infrastructure with leading-edge technology and certified support

The municipality of Ystad was facing a generational transition in its data centre. The goal was to update the infrastructure and find a new foundation to match the organisational needs, strategy, as well as the IT team’s skills and way of working. Supported by Proact services and expertise, plus Huawei technology, the growing town obtained a future-proof solution.


The vital hardware elements in Ystad’s data centre was approaching end-of-life, and the equipment would not serve future needs. It is customary for the municipality to update the critical parts of its infrastructure after about five years of service. There was also a need to invest in increased capacity for core applications, which in turn will support further digitalisation and additional e-government services, for the benefit of both the public and the municipality’s organisation.

IT department first began scouting for new servers, and a procurement was initiated. Among the responding suppliers was Proact, entering a proposal which contained a novelty in this context: equipment from Huawei, a brand which has made significant strides in the data centre market.


The procurement gave at hand that Proact, together with Huawei, offered the most capable option, and also the most economical. In the succeeding steps, storage systems and SAN switches were updated as well. In the following procurements, the Proact-Huawei proposals also came out on top.

The upgrade constituted a significant technology leap, as all conventional storage using rotating disk was retired. Deploying the Huawei Dorado storage platform, Ystad’s data centre became an All-Flash site.

”We have observed significant performance gains compared to the previous storage solution,”

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