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Enterprise Storage Security

Enhancing the storage security foundation for enterprises and governments to safeguard sensitive data, mitigate potential cyber threats, and ensure the resilience and integrity of critical information assets.

The security of your data is non-negotiable​

Data breaches and cyberattacks can have far-reaching consequences, impacting not only your organization but also the individuals, businesses, or citizens you serve. There are three core key risks associated with your data:

Criminals may infiltrate your systems and encrypt data, often with the intent to extort a ransom. Such attacks can lead to downtime, financial losses, and damage to your brand reputation. However, with enterprise-grade backup and recovery solutions, you can mitigate the damage. Robust encryption protocols are essential to safeguard data at rest and in transit, aligning with the stringent security requirements of enterprise and government operations. 

Data theft remains a significant concern, especially for organizations handling sensitive or valuable information. This includes everything from customer data to intellectual property and government secrets. In these cases, backup and recovery solutions alone may not suffice. You must adopt proactive cybersecurity measures, stringent access controls, and data classification to protect your interests and meet the rigorous security standards imposed by both enterprise and government entities.

Data manipulation is increasingly used against governments and critical organizations. Cybercriminals infiltrate systems to disrupt, destroy, or spread disinformation, causing chaos and potentially endangering national security or business reputation. Preventing data manipulation demands not only strong encryption and access controls but also rigorous cybersecurity practices, including continuous monitoring and swift incident response. 

Storage Security - potential data threats

Helping you set best practices for your Storage Security

Access rights

Implement strict access controls to meet high-security standards for authorized data access.

Data Encryption

Use advanced encryption for data protection in line with enterprise and government standards.

Data Classification

Categorize data by sensitivity and protect critical information as required by government standards.

Backup and Recovery

Maintain customized backup solutions to meet enterprise and government compliance needs.

Proactive Defence

Invest in advanced cybersecurity to proactively defend against data threats.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with industry and government regulations for secure storage.

Storage Security Assessment Services

To be fair, there is a global shortage of security specialists. It’s only natural that you may not have all the necessary capabilities in-house. With Proact, you gain access to security specialists who are specifically certified in Storage Security across various major storage vendor technologies. Our technology-specific ‘Storage Security Assessments‘ service offers a comprehensive evaluation of your existing storage infrastructure. This assessment is a vital step in identifying potential vulnerabilities, gaps, underutilized features, and areas for enhancement in your storage platforms.

Connect your users securely
Secure data connectivity in your offices and data centres
View in real time what is happening on your network
Optimise your storage with our Service Management for seamless operation, robust security, and SLA compliance. Act now for sustained success in your data infrastructure.

Service Management for Seamless Security

In addition to our assessment services, we offer comprehensive Service Management options designed to guarantee the seamless operation, security, and alignment with your Service Level Agreements (SLA) for your storage solution. Our dedicated Service Management team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and performance within your storage infrastructure.

This includes ongoing monitoring, timely updates, and proactive interventions to address any emerging issues, ensuring that your storage environment remains robust, efficient, and in compliance with your specified service levels. Our goal is to provide you with a holistic and reliable support system that goes beyond assessments, actively contributing to the sustained success and optimal functioning of your storage solution.

Cutting-Edge storage vendors

At Proact, we take pride in our partnerships with the most renowned storage vendors globally. Collaborating with industry leaders ensures that our customers benefit from cutting-edge solutions and state-of-the-art technologies. With these partnerships, we stand at the forefront of innovation, providing reliable, scalable, and secure storage solutions. 


As the first and only NetApp partner in the world, Proact is certified to conduct DPSA (Data Protection Security Assessments) for NetApp environments. That means that we as the only advisor and partner in the world can design, implement, support, and continuously secure your NetApp storage.

Excellence in Security

“Proact has an impressive concept together with Dell and a strong focus on data protection. They also has a consulting organisation that includes some of the country's foremost experts in data protection, which complements Dell's offering in the best possible way.” - Dell Technologies
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