Why cybersecurity awareness is key to levelling up your security posture

Cybersecurity awareness is important

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly common. So it’s essential to continuously evaluate where your organisation is on its cybersecurity journey. This includes identifying next steps to strengthen your security posture in the future. Critically, it also involves deciding where to direct budget devoted to protecting your IT environment. A key piece of the […]

White paper: Developing a hybrid cloud security strategy

hybrid cloud security

Due to its deconsolidated nature, hybrid cloud security presents unique complexities. This white paper discusses the security challenges of a hybrid cloud environment and presents solutions to develop a hybrid cloud security strategy with reliable protection in mind.

Ochrana proti ransomware z pohledu HPE

WEBINAR (Czech) Datum: 25.05.2022 | 10:00 – 10:45 Vážení obchodní přátelé,ransomware vlevo, ransomware vpravo, jaká kouzla v rukávu má HPE? V dalším pokračování se společně s Vladimírem Vybíralem z HPE podíváme na to, jak typický ransomware útok probíhá a jaké nástroje, metody a řešení nabízí společnost Hewlett Packard Enterprise nejen pro ochranu před samotným útokem, […]


ABAB and Proact partners for more than 12 years ABAB’s storage needs were changing, while on the other hand, virtualisation was on the rise. In addition, the stability of the platform at that time was not sufficient to be able to work properly and safely. In their search for the right partner, in which they […]